NorCal Rankings

Rankings courtesy of NorCal Basketball Hub

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“NorCal POWER 10 Championship Series” tournaments:
  1. Identified as some of the most competitive and well run AAU tournaments in NorCal
  2. Qualifier tournaments that will determine which teams receive an invitation to the “NorCal POWER 10 Championship Invitational” on June 28-29. (play in a minimum of 2 events to qualify for an invitation).
  3. Used as the primary source to prepare a bi-weekly ranking of the top 10 NorCal teams in the 3rd grade/9U – 8th grade/14U boys divisions.
  4. After the final Qualifier tournament (Pre-Memorial Day Tune-Up on May 17-18), the top 12 teams in the 3rd grade/9U – 8th grade/14U boys divisions will receive an invitation to play in the “NorCal POWER 10 Championship Invitational” and have a chance to compete for the 2014 Northern California Championship and a place in the final 2014 NorCal POWER 10 ranking.
Register to play in “NorCal POWER 10 Championship Series” tournaments if…
  • You want to play against the best competition and in the best tournaments in NorCal.
  • You want your team to be considered for ranking in the NorCal POWER 10.
  • You want to be invited to play for the Northern California Championship in the “NorCal POWER 10 Championship Invitational” on June 28-29.
4th Grade/10U Division
(Updated 08/01/13)


  1. SF Rebels (NCP10 CHAMPS!)
  2. 916 Select
  3. Oakland PAL
  4. Flight Elite
  5. NorCal Pharaohs
  6. Oakland Rebels
  7. Roadrunners

5th Grade /11u

(Updated 08/01/13)

  1. Oakland Soldiers (NCP10 CHAMPS!)
  2. CJBA
  3. West Coast All Stars
  4. SF Rebels
  5. Roadrunners
  6. Oakland Rebels
  7. NorCal Pharaohs
  8. Gaels
  9. Flight Elite
  10. All Out Blaze


6th Grade/12U Division

(Updated 08/01/13)

  1. West Coast All Stars (NCP10 CHAMPS!)
  2. Oakland Soldiers
  3. SF Rebels
  4. 916 Select
  5. Oakland Rebels
  6. Flight Elite (Black)
  7. All Out Blaze
  8. NorCal Pharaohs
  9. East Bay Celtics
  10. Bay Area Orangemen
7th Grade/13U Division

(Updated 08/01/13)

  1. Yellow Jackets (Black) (NCP10 CHAMPS!)
  2. Hayward Tar Heels
  3. SF Rebels
  4. Cool Kids
  5. Roadrunners
  6. Bay Area Orangemen
  7. Sac Shooting Stars
  8. Flight Elite
  9. Bay City
  10. Team Esface

8th Grade /  14u

(Updated 08/01/13)

  1. 916 Select (NCP10 CHAMPS!)
  2. Oakland Soldiers
  3. Flight Elite (Black)
  4. 1 Team 1 Dream
  5. Roadrunners
  6. SF Rebels
  7. NBBA
  8. ASA Prime
  9. NorCal Pharaohs
  10. Jam Squad (Black)

2 Comments on “NorCal Rankings”

  1. Team Xover 510 May 27, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    Xover 14u beat OC Elite by 20 and beat SoCal Cavs in Reno..get us up there please!!

  2. Baller November 3, 2013 at 2:52 pm #

    anyone know any elk grove/ sac 8th grade aau teams having tryouts in November December or anytime soon????

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