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West Coast Elite 25 Club Basketball Founder

Tournament Winners 3/24-25

Focus 5 on Five Winners 3/24-25

  • Jr Hoops 8u
  • Slam N Jam 9u
  • SD Rebels 10u
  • Jr Hoops 11u
  • SD Rebels 12u
  • MOC 12u (Silver)
  • 5 on Five 13u
  • AAYB 13u (Silver)

West Coast Extravaganza 3/24-25

  • Tricity Youth 9u
  • Rising Stars 11u
  • Oakland Soldiers 12u

Swoosh OC & UCSB 3/24-25

  • SGV 9u (OC)
  • MooreGameElite 10u (OC)
  • MooreGameElite 13u  (OC)
  • RC Bulls Elite 11u (UCSB)
  • Solano Beach Cats 12u (UCSB)
  • RC Bulls Elite 13u (UCSB)

Big City 3/24-25

  • Big City Sports 10u

Mike Smith Invitational 3/24-25

  • Hayward Tar Heels 11u

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