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West Coast Elite 25 Club Basketball Founder

Christopher Koon 11u California Elite / Rising Stars / All West Coast Elite 25 Academic Team / AAU Nationals

Christopher Koon

Team: California Elite / Rising Stars

Height: 5’4”

Grade/Age: 5th Grade /11u

School: Towers Elementary School, CA

Academic Achievements: 3.8 GPA/President of Towers Student Council/ Captain of Towers’ Math Olympiad Team  & Mathlete Gold Star Receipt

Hobbies: Piano, Saxophone, Band, Eating at In-N-Out, Reading Comic Books

Favorite Movie: Like Mike Streetball

Warm-Up Song: Let’s Go By Calvin Harris


WCE25 caught up with Christopher to discuss his outlook on DII AAU Nationals in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  


Greatest moment During D2 AAU National Championship in Cincinnati, Ohio:

The greatest moment was the final few seconds before clinching the championship game against Florida Force.    I will never forget the feeling when all four of our coaches, all 10 of  us (TriCity Team) and each and every one of our families huddled in the middle of the court to celebrate with a big “team hug.”

Did you do anything different this year versus last year in your preparation for the big tournament? 
I worked harder, longer and smarter this year than any year prior to this.  I am so blessed to have coaches who truly believe in me and have have graciously taken their time to help me step up my game.
Goals for this year’s AAU Nationals Tourney:
My goals are to play hard, have fun and win a second National AAU Championship.

 I want to give a big “Shout-Out” to all my coaches especially Coach Dave Miller, Coach Jack Mai, Coach Apple, Coach Marquis, Coach Jimmie and Coach Dawson for believing and pushing my game  to the next level.

A special shout-out to Rising Stars of America (RSOA) – Let’s go!!!


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