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Dillon DePina is the Man in the Middle at 5th Grade AAU Nationals!!!

Baller: Dillon DePina
Team: Rising Stars of America (Playing for AAU Championship today)
Height: 5’10”
Baby Barkley is an 11 year old baller who started playing basketball in one the West Coast Mecca’s, South Central Los Angeles, California. He has been balling since he was eight and is driven to become an elite player.
Baby Barkley feels very blessed to be part of a great team and coach that have helped him learn more about basketball. RSOA has allowed him to discover his strengths and weakness and have made him a better all-around player. His teammates have inspired him to work harder on his game.
Dillon understands that keeping God and family first will help him stay focused and grounded. His long term goal is to get a D1 University Scholarship and a degree in Journalism.
Dillon would like to thank God and his family… special thanks to Baron Davis, Coach JImmie Burton and his team – The Rising Stars of America.

We wish Dillon and his teammates the best of luck today in representing the #WCE25 teams at AAU Nationals in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Keep doing what you are doing (25 pts and 13 rebounds per game) at AAU Nationals.


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