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Ernest Jackson, AKA EJ, Rising Stars of America AAU Nationals Difference Maker!!!

Ernest Jackson – 11 years old – 5’1″ , Point Guard, Los Angeles, CA
Team: Rising Stars of America ( RSOA )

The Rising Stars of America and Ernest Jackson will face the Indy Storm for 5th Grade DII AAU National Championships in Cocoa Beach, Florida today.

Ernest Jackson, aka EJ, is considered one of the top elite 11 year old Point Guards on the West Coast and is expected to be a difference maker today in the championship game.

EJ has played and trained since the age of three out at Darby Park in Inglewood, California. Determined to improve his game, he is constantly challenging and pushing himself with daily dribble, shooting and agility workouts.

EJ takes his education very seriously and understands the value of long term goals. He has committed himself to raising his game in the classroom to help him achieve his ultimate goal of receiving a Division One scholarship at a school of his choice.

EJ believes that he cannot do anything without God’s grace, his family and his teammates. He would like to acknowledge that his teammates and coaches are a big part of what drives him and makes him a better basketball. EJ feels blessed to have the opportunity to play at an Elite level with such great teammates, family and supporters. His focus is to continue to work on his academics, spend time with family, train hard, and to win an AAU championship today.

EJ would like to thank God, his Mom and Dad, Coach Jimmie Burton and especially his team – the Rising Stars of America. He also extends a Very Special Thank You to Baron Davis for supporting RSOA and having a positive impact on their lives.

#WCE25 would like to wish EJ and his teammates the best on their Saturday game! Represent!!!!!


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