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11u Preseason Rankings

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Updated 10u Rankings 9/5

Remember the Name (Non-PA Version) - The Rising Tied Remember the Name (Non-PA Version) – The Rising Tied

    1. 916 Select / Final Four at DI Nationals.  This team will be seeking a AAU Championship in 2013
    2. Vegas Elite / Consistent and well coached.  With an AAU National DI experience under their belt, they now have the foundation to become a National Power House.  
    3. Inland Force / Held on to a #1 WCE ranking for part of year.  Another team looking to build on their 2012 DI AAU National Experience
    4. Sacramento Yellow Jackets / The Yellow Jackets used their experience from the ACES Coca Cola tourney to become a more consistent team.  They turned up the heat in the summer by winning DIII AAU West Coast and both the LV Jam On It and LV Classic tourneys.
    5. SF Rebels / Will the Yellow Jackets and 916 for NorCal supremacy
    6. Spirit Got Game / D1 AAU National Participant in 2012 had some great battles at the ACES Coca Cola tourney in June.  Look for much of the same in 2012-13. 
    7. MooreGameElite  / Team on the verge of a Top 5 ranking.  Will they improve on a great year?  
    8. South Bay Youth Sports Wildcats / Great run at AAU DIII West Coast Nationals.  Will this same team be back in 2012-13?
    9.  So Cal Flames / Great spring catapulted them into the top 10.  Its time to take on Top 10 competition.
    10. Hayward Tar Heels / One of our favorite squads from NorCal…will they remain together for another run.
    11. Big City Sports / Great run of victories in tourneys they hosted.  Invite the best to come play them in their own backyard.  A team this good must travel out is likely to travel out more often.
    12. Tricity Youth / We like our boy Brandon Perez on this squad.  
    13. SD Rebels / The SD Rebels are ready to go national .  Who is with them?
    14. Slam n Jam / We hope to see this squad enter a variety of tourneys to see what their really made of; we think they will do very well.
    15. Burbank Raptors / WCE Twitter Bros will let you know whether they well or not.  Makes it easy to track them down.
    16. BBs Finest Training Academy / Another team from DIII AAU West Coast that did well enough to come in 2nd.  Will they be back?
    17. Miller Elite Basketball / Dominating appearance at Focus during the summer.  Will they reemerge?
    18. Oakland Rebels / Love teams that travel to play tough competition.  This is just another one of those teams that seeks out the best competition all over the west.
    19. AZ Dreamquest Outlaws / Summer Sizzle champs ready to represent more than AZ.
    20. NorCal Pharaohs / Team on the rise.  These guys are always ready to compete.
    21. Phoenix Soldiers  / The Ball All Day Champs are on the lookout to take on AZ Dreamquest Outlaws
    22. Flight Elite Black
    23. Team Domination / Team has dominated the West Coast Tourney Series Events put on by Liftoff Sports.  Will make a move come September 29-30 at the LA Hoop Showdown.
    24. Santa Barbara Ballers/ Impressed at the Swoosh LV Championships
    25. T25 As One / Team makes a living off hardware from Next Level tourneys.  
    26. T25 Team Dream / Already an impressive Labor Day run in Palm Springs.  Love teams that keep us updated.

Others in Consideration: Wilmington Wolverines, GBA Select, Game Time Elite (GTE), Hype, AZ Future, NCYS Cobras, LA Hoop Squad, Phoenix Flight, East Bay Celtics MB Spartans, All City West, AZ Team Powerhouse, Utah Elite, TTB LA White


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