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Open Gym Fall Classic Skills Clinic Review

There is something special about Open Gym’s Free Advance Skills Clinics.  Aside from being a free event, the organizers of these events do everything possible to treat each player like an invited All-Star Guest.

Each participant received a warm welcome and free t-shirt during registration.  Once inside the gym, the players were treated to a high energy dynamic warm-up session inspired by the DJ on-site.

After a short welcome speech and some giveaways (Laker Tickets and Shoes among other things) by Open Gym President, Matt Kanne, the players were divided into seven groups based on age.   

This is really where the fundamental basketball enthusiast begins to understand that Open Gym is here to help players get better.  Each of the seven groups were rotated across seven different drill stations led by some of the best trainers in Southern California.  

  • L-Cut Square-Up Attack with Shea Frazee
  • Stop and Go Ball-Handling with Charlie Torres
  • Triple Threat Attack Series with CJ Hollingsworth
  • Finishing in One-On-One Transition Situations with Mike Gerrity
  • 4 on 4 European Rules with Max Sargeant
  • Sensory Ball-Handling Complex with Jason Wright
  • UCLA Drill

In Between Drills, the players spent some time hearing from Stanford Cardinal and NBA Player , Josh Childress, on what it takes to become a DI College and NBA player.   (Hearing JChill talk reminded us of how much we enjoyed reading his Slam Magazine Tech Corner diaries from Greece)

At clinic’s end, two players from each group were recognized with awards for their intensity and accomplishment during the night’s events in front of all their peers.  More importantly, at clinic’s end,  you got the sense that  you attended a special event hosted by some very passionate and knowledgeable basketball people.   

West Coast Elite is proud to have a been a part of the event hosted by Open Gym and look forward to working with Open Gym on upcoming  events.  



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