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Open Gym Fall Hoopfest Champs Recap!

Overall, great weekend, great kids, high level energy games, and lots of heat.

Here is the team breakdown of each age division champ:

We will have our full recap of the Open Gym Fall Hoopfest by Tuesday morning and will update our rankings based on our overall observations of this event and a few other tourneys across the West prior to this weekend.

10u LA Bobcats

The 25th ranked LA Bobcats continue to show improvement with each tournament we see them in.   When we last saw them at the LA Hoop Showdown, they were a team that more often than not dominated their opponents through their sheer will to win.     This time around, they are more disciplined on defense.  Their full court press defense no longer revolves around each player sticking to their man.  They now have a better understanding of how to help off ball.  On offense, they continue to attack the basket, but also show a better understanding of when the ball needs to be kicked out.  

Congrats LA Bobcats!  We expect this group to move into the Top 20 after their performance.

11u OC Rain

We have to admit it was hard catching up with the OC Rain with so many exciting games going on the same time.  We do know this: 1) No matter how you slice it, it is not easy to win a 10 team division 2) This team played the championship without their true Coach 3) We took pleasure in seeing how happy this team was in knowing they earned a championship.  4) Parents were gracious


12u Hard 2 Guard

We took pleasure in seeing Hard 2 Guard play as a Top 10 Team.  They got tremendous guard play from their three guards throughout the tournament and especially during the final.  During the final against a very strong Climate Storm team, their guards had a nice run of consecutive one-on-one penetrate and kick moves that was the difference in the game.  We also liked their ability to recover back on defense when their opponents were able to beat their full-court press.

Welcome Back into the Top 10 Hard 2 Guard!  

13u LA Bobcats

The Bobcats are likely to move into the Top 5 after this weekend.  They have good size and get good production from their lead guards and represent the City of Los Angeles.  Their next hurdle will be to remain consistent throughout the season to become a legit contender for the Top West Coast Spot.


14u YL Pumas 

The disciplined and well coached team defeated a very tough San Diego Gamepoint squad in the final without their big man.   This team looks ready to make the jump into the Top 17 and can make a run at a Top 10 so long as they can find ways to play those teams ahead of them in the rankings.  Most importantly, these boys will be ready to make the transition into high school once the season is done.


HS Varsity NOC

Although we don’t cover HS AAU teams at this time, we still wanted to give a shout-out to NOC for showing class!


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