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Updated 12u Rankings 9/26

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Hard 2 Guard Open Gym Fall HoopFest Champions!
12u Elite 25 Rankings through 9/26
    1. AZ Monsoon / Coach Brown and his Monsoon teams have had an incredible four year run.  They can run and they can play in the half-court.  Pick your poison!  Can they repeat their success?  
    2. Team Bibby / This team had a great run in 2011-12.  Will they be back in 2012-13?
    3. Tricity Ballers / The 2011 AAU DII National Champs had another great year. The pressure from their press gives them an automatic 10 point cushion against most squads.  We were most amazed by the growth spurt of one WCE’s favorite ballers, Lucas Hobbs.
    4. Rising Stars / The DII AAU National Runner Up looks to improve on a great year.  EJ and teammates will be hungry to avenge their National Runner Up status.  It all starts on their upcoming Sunday league.
    5. Utah Pump -N-Run / A Sweet 16 in DI AAU National Appearance and a Top 8 finish at ACES Nationals by Nico and his squad was good enough for a Top 5 WCE Finish in 2012-13.  Ranked #17 Nationally!
    6. Vegas Elite / One of the better coached teams in our opinion.  These boys continue to improve year after year and we expect much of the same this coming season.
    7. Hard to Guard / The Open Gym Fall Hoopfest Champs played well enough to make it back into the Top 10
    8. SF Rebels / Their instant classic game winning OT shot against the Rising Stars yielded them a Top 4 finish at ACES Nationals in June.  Nothing better than seeing all the SF Rebels squads make their SoCal debuts at the SGV Invitational each year.
    9. Hayward Tar Heels / WCE’s first supporters had an up and down season.  We loved that they were willing to travel much more this past season.  Hope to see teams at their Spring tourney.
    10. Riverside Matrix / Well coached and show great sportsmanship.  This team is always hungry to compete against the best.
    11. Yellow Jackets Black  / Their rough outing at ACES did not diminish their great year.  Had some key victories against other Top 10 Teams.
    12. SGV Blue / Their 2nd Year at AAU DII Nationals yielded a first place in Pool Play; not sure why they would not be DII Nationally Ranked higher.  Either way, played well enough to win the Labor Day Showdown in Palm Springs
    13. Jr Hoops / The AAU DII National Participant are always fun to watch  Another California Team that was not Nationally ranked higher than they deserved.
    14. Climate Storm / Impressive Run at the Open Gym Fall Hoopfest.  DL, Tyrese, and Terrin make this a team a Top 10 Contender
    15. Inland Force / We love how they can grind out a game and wear you down for the win.
    16. Aggies, Utah / Won the Big Mountain Jam in Utah.  We hope to see them at one of our WCE Tourney Series events.
    17. Las Vegas Rebel Nation / We know Tiger is good enough to make this a Top 20 team.
    18. Fastbreak Sports / Placed 2nd at AAU SoCal Districts versus some Top 20 teams.  Look for a great 2012-13 season from this squad.
    19. Flight Elite Black / Although they missed out in the ACES tourney, they still had some quality wins in quality tourneys.
    20. SPK Knights / New Line-up makes them a Top 10 threat.  
    21. Kings Academy / Had a great Spring to early Summer Run with key victories over Top 20 teams.  
    22. RC Bulls Elite / How much bigger will their Center be this year is the real question.  Team has added new pieces for this upcoming season.
    23. Roadrunners Sports Club Gold / Great fun team to watch.  Solid all around.  Also have some of the biggest and fun crowds attend their games.
    24. Burbank Raptors / WCE’s favorite squad led by our favorite point guard.
    25. T25 California Elite / Coach Miller’s squad is all about the “FUNdamentals.”  Good team with high character kids.
    26. T25 Team Dojo / Another WCE favorite team.  Will look to compete against top teams in 2012-13.
    27. T25 California Cobras / Former NBA Player, Coach Tells Frank, and squad won the CA State Games in San Diego.  

Others in Consideration:  MPyre, East Bay United, Phoenix Soldiers, ProSkills, MV Tar Heels, AVAC, Pasadena Fury, Legacy, Chandler Sting, In the Zone, Edge, TBF, Top Flight, Arizona Kings (Won Phx is Rising September Slam), LA Bobcats (Won Back to School Jam at Next Level)

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