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Open Gym Fall Hoopfest Final Recap

The Open Gym #FallHoopfest at the American Sports Center in Anaheim, California kicked off the 2012-13 season into high gear. Eighty Teams from the Inland Empire, LA Valley, San Diego, South Bay, Los Angeles, and Orange County fought off the summer-like heat wave to compete for an opportunity to make a name for themselves in the West Coast Elite rankings. After 142 games, only 7 teams prevailed as champions.

  • 10u LA Bobcats
  • 11u OC Rain
  • 12u Hard to Guard
  • 13u LA Bobcats
  • 14u Yorba Linda Pumas Black
  • JV Superior Athletes 14u
  • Varsity NOC

As well as these championship teams played, they were not the only story of the weekend.

Team Sportsmanship Award

  • San Diego Gamepoint

The Game of the Event

Tie (We called it on our Saturday Recap)

  • SPK Knights vs Climate Storm 12u: Climate Storm not only hit a comeback three to send the game into OT, but had a game winning buzzer beater by DL Banks in a front of a large crowd (notice picture shows him appropriately carrying a fire extinguisher ).
  • SPK Knights vs. Newport Lightning 13u: The Top 6 13u teams in the West Coast competed into a Sudden Death and until “Fletch” Tynen of the SPK Knights closed the game with a game ending free-throw. This was another one of those games that drew a large spectating crowd.

Emerging Notable Ballers

  • Class of 2023: Blake Hocker (Tricity)
  • Class of 2022: Jaayden Bush (Tricity)
  • Class of 2021: Damien Parker (Open Gym/ YL Pumas), Marcus Joseph (Open Gym), Colin Walton (Baseline 2 Baseline), Chad Madrid (Baseline 2 Baseline)
  • Class of 2020: Carson Haskell (Hard 2 Guard), Max McCalla (ProSkills), Ethan Tsai (323 Hoops), Chandler Sooferian (323 Hoops), Kyle Maclean (Baseline 2 Baseline), Wilson Pool (Baseline 2 Baseline)
  • Class of 2019: Jonathan Scherer (Hard 2 Guard), Clarence Clemons (Hard 2 Guard), Tyrese Willis (Climate Storm), Terrin Frank (Climate Storm), DL Banks (Climate Storm), Giovanni Hunt (SPK Knights), Will Crawford (SPK Knights), Jordan Pineda (SPK Knights)
  • Class of 2018: Armon Muldrew (GameFace), Jaylen Gil (GameFace), Fletcher Tynen (SPK Knights), Oscar Lopez (SPK Knights), Sebastian Atashi (SPK Knights), Bryce Zephir (Superior Athletes), David Atencio (Newport Lightning), Brenden Cormie (Newport Lightning), Jordan Alvarado (Newport Lightning), Harrison Butler (Superior Athletes), Jalen Washington (Superior Athletes), Elijah McCullough (Superior Athletes), Paul Bingaman (LA Bobcats)
  • Class of 2017: Cam Nunley (YL Pumas Black), Christian Walton (Baseline 2 Baseline), Adam Hess (Baseline 2 Baseline), Ethan Thomson (Superior Athletes), Kyle Small (Superior Athletes), Cameron Wagner (SD Gamepoint), Alex Buffini (SD Gamepoint), Drew Mead (SD Gamepoint)

Most Outstanding Players

  • Class of 2021: Jalen Vazquez and Jordan McZeal (LA Bobcats)

  • Class of 2020: Griffin Emrick (OC Rain)

  • Class of 2019: Jordan Montgomery (Hard 2 Guard)

  • Class of 2018: Jalen Slaughter (LA Bobcats)

  • HS Varsity Division: Billy Kazane and Louie Juego (NOC)


We would like to thank all Players, Parents, Coaches, Club Directors who made this a great competitive event. Matt Kane and his Open Gym staff for their wonderful hospitality and for making this event about the participants. DeeJay Limit for spinning us of the heat. Connie Ramirez for the photography.

We hope to see everyone at one of our upcoming events or back at Open Gym on October 27-28 for the Halloween Classic.


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