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West Coast Elite NorCal Bay City Annual Fall AAU Classic Recap

This past weekend, WCE made the trek to NorCal, crossed the Bay Bridge amid 20,000 women running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and Marathon, and finally hit its destination: The Bay City Annual Fall AAU Classic to kick of the NorCal Season Rankings!

Matt and his Bay City Staff did not disappoint.  The tournament was well run, but best of all, we were able to get an indicator on what is to be expected from NorCal this coming season.

Here are some of the highlights of the tourney:


  • 4th Grade Boys: Bay City defeated OC Elite by 1 after coming back from a 10 point lead late in the second half.  They defeated Berkeley Hawks to capture the title.  Expect the Bay City team to make the Top 25 after this valiant effort.
  • 5th/6th Grade Boys: OC Elite 5th defeated Bay City 5th by 5 in championship.
  • 6th Grade Boys Black: Sac Shooting Stars beat all teams by 20+ to win bracket and championship.  Expect them to make their debut in the Top 25.  Bay City defeated OC Elite by 1 in OT to lock down 2nd place and OC Elite took 3rd over NBBA.
  • 7th Grade Boys Black : OC Elite beat NBBA by 10 in championship.
  • 8th Grade Boys Red: BA Rebels beat Bay City red by 3 in championship
  • 8th Grade Boys Black: The most competitive and balance division in the tournament was won by the Norcal Panthers. On Saturday, the NorCal Panthers cruised in morning against NBH & Bulldawgs. NBBA defeated Bay City by 3. OC Elite defeated NBBA by 2. NBBA defeated Top Flight Elite by 4. Top Flight Elite defeated OC Elite by 3.  On Sunday, OC Elite beat Nor Cal Panthers by 3. Bulldawgs made great comeback to beat Bay City by 2. OC Elite beat Bay City by 2.  The NorCal Panthers went 2-1 and won by point differential. OC Elite was 3-1 and played the toughest schedule, but lost to Top Flight Elite. Top Flight Elite went 2-1 but lost to NBBA. NBBA went 2-1 but lost to OC Elite.
  • JV: Shark City Teal cruised and went 3-0
  • Varsity 2: Gym Rats won by point differential over Bay City and Above and Beyond.
  • Varsity 1: Lunardi’s cruised to a 3-0 record. Bay City goes 3-1 to capture 2nd place.
  • Girls 6/7: OC Elite goes 3-0 to win
  • Girls 8th: Brisbane Warriors wins and goes 3-0
  • HS Girls: West Coast Xtreme won

Teams that Impressed and are in consideration for a ranking:

  • 10U: Bay City, OC Elite, finished 1st and 2nd
  • 11U: OC Elite, Bay City finished 1st and 2nd
  • 12U: Sac Shooting Stars, Bay City and OC Elite – These are  all very accomplished teams. Finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • 13U: OC Elite, NBBA, Top Flight Elite and Bay City are some of the North Bay’s Best 3 Teams in this age group.  NBBA has beaten OC Elite and Bay City in their recent match-ups.  They also finished 2nd in Jam on it D-1 in Vegas (lost by 3 in Ship). Bay City beat OC Elite in Flight Labor Day tourney, but lost to Flight in championship. OC Elite stormed back to beat both teams in Bay City tourney by 10+ and looked very good.
  • 14U: Nor Cal Panthers, OC Elite, Top Flight Elite finished 1-2-3. All games were very close and competitive.

All in all, the Bay City Annual Fall Classic proved that NorCal basketball is another West Coast destination for top notch youth basketball and for teams looking to make a mark on the West Coast Rankings.

We want to thank Matt and his Bay City Basketball staff for putting on a great event. We look forward to next year’s Fall Classic to Kick of the NorCal rankings!

Pictures available on the Bay City Facebook Page (click here).

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