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Justin Korn, Class of 2018, NGA Stars, WCE25 /Open Gym Friday Night Training

Justin Korn, Guard on NGA Stars 7th Grade team , attends Palm Gifted Magnet and was a camp attendee at the Hoop Scoop Camp in Louisville, Kentucky and  the John Lucas Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We caught up with him after he attended the recent WCE25/Open Gym Friday night training. 

Favorite College Team:  Kentucky

High Schools Considering:  Mater Dei HS or Fairfax HS

Shoe Company Loyalist: Nike (Kobe Line)

Favorite AAU Moment: My team winning its first AAU Tournament

Favorite Artist: Usher

Favorite Restaurant: Roy’s Restaurant (Pan/Asian Cuisine) 

Shout-Outs: “To my parents for driving me to basketball practices, games, camps, training, and clinics – and for doing the drills with me for the past six years. To my coaches of the NGA Stars (Coach Rossi, Coach Eric and Coach Chris) for helping me be the best player (and person) that I can be!  And, a final ‘shout-out’ to all my great teammates!


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Learn from top trainers and get evaluated by WCE25!!
DAY: Fridays
DATES: 10/26, 11/2, 11/9
COST: $25 per player
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
STRUCTURE: 30 minutes of plyometrics, 60 minutes of skills training, 30 minutes of live 5 on 5
LOCATION: Open Gym Training Facility at American Sports Center
ADDRESS: 1500 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92805
SIGN-UP: http://www.opengymoc.com/eventsignup or pay at the door
FEATURES: player interviews, profiles, videos, rankings and special recognition

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