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BFT 11u, Vaughn Flowers, Superstar Select Camp 2012

Vaughn Flowers , BFT Class of 2020, trains with one of best training groups in SoCal, BFT.  His skill level is quite evident on the court.  Kid glides on the court as he handles the rock.  It is no wonder, his coach calls him a “Baller on Skates.”  

Vaughn has been invited to attend our  Superstar Select Camp to be held in Anaheim, CA on December 22-23.  The camp, co-sponsored by Open Gym, will focus on high level skill training for top ballers and will end with games on Sunday.

We caught with him at the recent Halloween Classic presented by Open Gyms in Anaheim, California where his Top 10 team took on the challenge of playing up a grade level.

Vaughn Flowers  (5’1″)

Favorite College: USC (“Fight On!”)

Rock the Vote: Team President Obama

Shoe Company Loyalist: Lebron 9s

Goal in LifeTo become a shoe designer and start own line of athletic shoes

Shout-Outs: “I like to give a shout-out to my family, Coach Alex, Coach John, Coach Olin, emerging baller Mazen, teammates and the entire BFT family.”


For more information on the Superstar Select Camp taking place in Anaheim, California on December 22-23, please contact westcoastelite25@gmail.com.
You can also take part in BFT training every Saturday morning in St. Monica High School (you won’t go home disappointed).


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