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Carson Haskell, Hard to Guard, Class of 2020, Superstar Select Camp 12/22-23

Carson Haskell, Hard to Guard Class of 2020, prefers to play-up to get a more satisfied taste in his mouth after lulling you to sleep and draining three’s in your face. The gutsy shooting guard from North Orange County has been doing this for years.  Next time you see him on the court, you better respect his game and stay glued to him; that is if you can stay in front of him.

Carson has been invited to attend our  Superstar Select Camp to be held in Anaheim, CA on December 22-23.  The camp, co-sponsored by Open Gym, will focus on high level skill training for top ballers and will end with games on Sunday.

We caught with him at the recent Swoosh Fall Classic presented by Swoosh,  in Garden Grove, California where his Top 5 team took on home the championship.

Carson Haskell (5’0″)

Favorite College: Kentucky

Favorite AAU Moment: “Scoring 8 points in the final few minutes against TriCity for the championship win!”

Shoe Company Loyalist: Nike

Shout-Outs: “I like to give a shout-out to my family, Coach Tre, and teammates.”


For more information on the Superstar Select Camp taking place in Anaheim, California on December 22-23, please contact westcoastelite25@gmail.com.

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