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Dominators Present “Dominators of the Court” Powered by WCE25 Final Recap

The “Dominators of the Court” Tournament Powered by the Dominators and WCE25 featured 58 teams from Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, the Valley in LA, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, and the Inland Empire.  The teams converged at the Cal State San Bernardino Campus looking for “Respect” and “Domination”, but only a few deserving teams left with enough to build their own empire outside the IE.  For those teams not good enough to go home with a Championship in hand, they left home with plenty of memories and a stomach full of the IE’s Best BBQ.

Dominators of the Court

  • 8u JR Hoops: Led by MVP, Christopher Willis, the #3 Ranked JR Hoops squad beat a very good #2 Ranked Dominator team for the Championship. Both teams also prevailed over a very good Tricity Ballers team.   The skill level of these boys is what really stood out for us this past weekend.  These boys can get up floor and get good shots.  The future of West Coast Basketball is in good hands.  Congrats JR Hoops on a well deserved championship!

  • 9u #1 Ranked SCV Playmakers: The Santa Clarita Valley based club’s Championship is one to be remembered for a couple of reasons.  One, their division featured five out of the top seven teams on WCE25.  Two, their pool game on Saturday was the most exciting game of the weekend.  After Team Dojo tied the game with under 10 seconds to go, Cristian Manzano took a pass from Kai Davis and hit the game winning shot to end the game.  Making the moment great was the sportsmanship and appreciation shown by Team Dojo and even the kids from the Dominators.  Great job guys!  Congrats!

  • 9u Silver Division Monrovia Mountaineers

  • 10u JR Hoops: The Jr Hoops Squad pulled out a closed victory over the Tricity Ballers in the Championship game.  Great job!

  • 10u Silver Division Monrovia Mountaineers

  • 11u Rising Stars: The LA based #7 Ranked Rising Stars travel large.  Coach Jimmie and his squad defeated a very good IE Rialto Fundamentals squad in the finals.    His team looks ready to make a run at top spot and is counting on Top 10 teams to play his squad.  Any takers?

  • 11u Silver Division SPKnights

  • 12u Rising Stars: The #2 Ranked Rising Stars won championship honors over a very good #12 ranked IE Riverside Matrix squad.  RSOA continues to salivate over the thought of taking the #1 Ranking from the AZ Monsoon squad.  They want it, Monsoon knows it, and this game will eventually take place at one of the big upcoming tournaments in 2013.  For now, Jimmie and his squad have to settle on claiming #1 in SoCal while balling to hold off other Top 5 teams such as Hard to Guard and the RC Bulls.  They can also take pride in having the #1 Ranked WCE25 Class of 2019 player in Dillon “Baby Barkley” Depina.

  • 12u Silver Tricity Ballers

  • 13u SPKnights: The shorthanded #4 Ranked SPKnights won another tournament.   Led by point guard and tournament MVP, Sebastian Atashi, the SPKnights used this as a tune-up for their own upcoming Thanksgiving tournament in San Diego.

  • 13u Silver West Valley Warriors

  • 14u Downey Premier: Downey Premier team defeated EYB Ballers in the Championship game.  This a good squad full of great kids.  We hope to run into this squad more often.  Congrats!

The Runner-Ups

Team Sportsmanship Awards

  • AZ Elite 12 – Thank you for taking the trip to San Bernardino from Phoenix.  You guys showed great heart and no quit in your last game!

  • Dominators 8u/9u– For adding to the excitement of the SCV Playmakers 9u game winning shot!
  • Team Dojo 9u – After losing on a last second shot, showed class, and congratulated the winning team.


Super Start Select Camp Ballers

—Sign-Up for Camp at http://www.opengymoc.com/

Most Outstanding Players / “Dominators of the Court” Sponsored by GRS PRO WEAR

We want to give a special thanks to GRS Pro Wear for supporting youth basketball, WCE25, Dominator Tourney and for donating the Sports Apparel to the MVPs for each Elite Division.  Please visit their website  (http://www.grs-pro.com/) to see their line of sports apparel and to learn more about “Breaking the Trap.”

      • Class of 2023: Christopher Willis (JR Hoops)
        • Class of 2022: Cristian Manzano, Rane Kita, Kai Davis (SCV Playmakers)
      • Class of 2021: Justin Botros (JR Hoops)
    • Class of 2020: Abraham Eagle (Rising Stars)
    • Class of 2019: Dillon Depina(Rising Stars)
    • Class of 2018: Sebastian Atashi (SPKnights)
    • Class of 2017: Michael Cabrera (Downey Premier)


We would like to thank all Players, Parents, Coaches, Basketball Officials, Club Directors who carved time out of their busy schedules to make it a special Tournament in the Inland Empire. Special thanks to the Dominator team for their hospitality.  And a very special thanks to Tournament Director, Dominic and his wife (7 months Pregnant), for putting on a great event at a great venue.

We would also like to give a Special WCE25 Shout-out to the kids who we met this weekend.  We met quite a few kids who are big fans of the site and we want to say thank you for your support.  You guys are what makes WCE25!

— this is for you, Jaden Depina!


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