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Updated 12u Rankings Sponsored by Yellow Jackets 1st Annual Capital Classic

Sponsored by:
Yellow Jackets - Capital Classic Flyer


Hard to Guard – Top Gun OC/SD Challenge Champs 

Phoenix Flight Ballin Out Champs!

12u Elite 25 Rankings through 1/8
    1. AZ Monsoon (Won ARC/SPK Thanksgiving / 2nd @ Bang Out for Breast Cancer 13u Division)
    2. City Stars The DII AAU National Runner Up  (Won WCE 25 Dominators of the Court, SPK/AVAC Fall Invitational, NLSC Halloween Classic, All City West Veterans Classic, Open Gym the Challenge))
    3. Hard to Guard / (Won Open Gym Fall Hoopfest Champs,  SGV Aloha Challenge, Swoosh Fall Classic)
    4. RC Bulls Elite (Won Open Gym Halloween Classic, Cavs Holiday Classic, Swoosh Holiday / 2nd @ SGV Aloha Challenge)
    5. Team Bibby (Won Southwest Showcase Holiday Classic)
    6. Yellow Jackets Black (Won Xtreme Holiday Hoops 13u)
    7. TriCity Ballers (Won Dominators of the Court Silver, 2nd Swoosh Fall Classic)
    8. Hayward Tar Heels
    9. SF Rebels
    10. SPKnights (Won NJB/SGV Tip Off / 2nd at AVAC/SPKnights Fall Invitational, Labor Day Showdown, ARC/SPK Thanksgiving)
    11. Riverside Matrix (2nd Open Gym Halloween Classic, WC25 Dominators of the Court, CAVS Holiday Classic)
    12. SGV Blue / (Won Labor Day Showdown / 2nd Swoosh Holiday Classic) DII Nationally Ranking. 
    13. Climate Storm (Won Open Gym Fall Hoopfest)
    14. Jr Hoops / (2nd at Impact Tourney & NJB/SGV TipOff Classic)  DII National Ranking 
    15. Flight Elite Black (Won Xtreme Hoops)
    16. Las Vegas Rebel Nation
    17. Aggies, Utah (Won AAU Holiday)
    18. Inland Force
    19. Burbank Raptors (Won LA Hoop Showdown)
    20. Sac Shooting Stars
    21. I10 Celtics
    22. San Diego Wildcats (2nd Top Gun SD/OC Challenge)
    23. NorCALRoadrunners Sports Club Gold
    24. Aftershock (Won CA Heat Thanksgiving)
    25. T25 Kings Academy (2nd CA Heat Thanksgiving)
    26. T25 California Elite (Won Swoosh Oktoberfest / 2nd NLSC Halloween Classic)

Others in Consideration:  

  • Phoenix Flight (Won Ballin out)
  • AZ Roadrunners (2nd Southwest Showcase & Ballin Out)
  • Fast Break Sports
  • NCYS Cobras
  • Hype
  • AZ Sting (Won Bang Out for Breast Cancer)
  • AZ Kings (Won Phx is Rising September Slam, Thanksgiving Make It Happen / 2nd Bang Out for Breast Cancer)
  • Team Dojo
  • MPyre
  • East Bay United
  • ProSkills
  • MV Tar Heels
  • AVAC  
  • NGA Stars
  • Team Select (2nd Sac Area Sports)
  • Legacy
  • TBF
  • Top Flight
  • Phoenix Soldiers (2nd Make it Happen)
  • Salt Lake Rebels (Won Utah Fall Opener),
  • Reno Ballers Gold (Won Xtreme Hoops Fall Classic)
  • All City West 
  • TTB
  • LA Bobcats (Won Back to School Jam at Next Level & Rock the Rim)
  • Cavs

Keep up with the West Coast Elite 2019 National Team @http://wce2019.wordpress.com/


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