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Open Gym Spring Kickoff Recap


This past weekend, 56 teams spread across 8 divisions kicked off the Spring Season at the Open Gym Kickoff Event in Anaheim, California.  The 8 division winners automatically qualified for the WCE25/Open Gym Championship Event on July 5-7 in Anaheim California.  Upcoming qualifiers will take place in the Bay Area on April 13-14 (Sponsored by ARC and Team Esface), Phoenix on April 20-21 (Sponsored by Phoenix is Rising), Las Vegas on April 27-28 (Sponsored by Vegas Elite), and in SoCal on June 8-9 (Sponsored by ARC).  The WCE25/Open Gym Championship Event will feature Elite/Gold Ranked teams from across the West Coast Region.

This past weekend’s “PlayToWin” Champion were as follows:

9u Division Champions: Dominators

MVP: Donald Bluitt (Dominators)

The 9u Division featured 3 ranked teams (#13 Dominators , #17 323 Hoops, #46 Progression).  The battle lines were drawn early on Saturday when 323 Hoops defeated the Dominators 31-30 to take the #1 Seed going into #ChampionshipSunday.  The Dominators assured themselves a second chance at 323 Hoops after defeating the gritty Progression team during their second pool game on late Saturday afternoon.  The #13 Ranked Dominators, led by MVP Donald Bluitt, used a stellar defensive effort to defeat #17 323 Hoops 27-18 in the Championship game.  Congrats Dominators!

10u Division Champions: Tricity Ballers

MVP: Evan Thomas (Tricity Ballers)

The 10u Division featured 2 ranked teams (#13 LA Bobcats and #13 Tricity) along with the up and coming ProSkills and ESP.  During pool play on Saturday, Tricity upset the higher ranked LA Bobcats to take the #1 seed in Pool B.  ESP defeated Open Gym and ProSkills in a tight one to take the #1 seed in Pool A.  On #ChampionshipSunday, the LA Bobcats defeated the ESP 30-25 to and Tricity defeated ProSkills to set-up the Championship match.  The much improved Tricity Squad once again proved to be too much for the LA Bobcats and took the victory 39-27.  Congrats to the Tricity squad!


11u Division Champions: BFT

MVP: Devon Tillis (BFT)

The 10u Division featured 2 ranked teams (#18 Game Time Elite and #19 BFT) along with the solid squads of 323 Hoops and the OC Blazers.  The 4 team pool would again end up with the higher ranked teams squaring off on#ChampionshipSunday.  Game Time Elite was seeking to avenge its Saturday loss against #1 seeded BFT and pressured them throughout the game.  However, a composed BFT team once again managed to take control of the game and defeated Game Time Elite 30-29 for the Championship.   , and although the game was much tighter the second time around, BFT still pulled out the victory 30-29.   Congrats BFT!


12u Division Champions: Riverside Matrix

MVP: Bobby Oros (Riverside Matrix)

The 12u Division featured 3 ranked teams (#3 City Stars , #16 Riverside Matrix, #50 ProSkills).  The Riverside Matrix, playing back-to-back games on Saturday defeated Open Gym and ProSkills to win Pool A.  City Stars also won their first two games on Saturday to take Pool B and set-up #Championship Sunday.  On #ChampionshipSunday, City Stars defeated ProSkills and Riverside Matrix defeated UpTempo to set-up the Championship match-up between the Top Ranked 12u teams in the Event.   The Riverside Matrix team, traveling between San Diego and Orange County for simultaneous tournaments, pulled out the upset in the Championship by defeating City Stars 58-54 behind the effort of MVP Bobby Oros.  Congrats Riverside!


13u Division Champions: Surf City

MVP: Dave Atencio (Surf City)

The 13u Division featured top ranked team, #6 LA Bobcats, up and comers, OC Vision, City Stars and Surf City, and 9 other squads thirsty for WCE25 recognition.  OC Vision won Pool A by defeating UpTempo and host Open Gym, The LA Bobcats won Pool B by defeating SouthBay Basketball and Evolution, Cal Supreme won Pool C by defeating Monster Game and Westchester Hogs, and Surf City won Pool D by defeating a pesky City Stars team that would eventually make the Final 4 and JSK.  On #ChampionshipSunday, OC Vision defeated the higher ranked LA Bobcats in the first semifinal and Surf City defeated City Stars in the second semifinal setting up an all OC Championship.  The battle for Orange County 13u supremacy went back and forth until Surf City finally pulled away with a 52-50 victory behind MVP Dave Atencio.  Congrats Surf City!


14u Division Champions: Jam Bruins

MVP: Akshay Harishankar (Jam Bruins)

The 14u Division, although it only  featured  2 ranked team (#29 Jam Bruins and #38 YL Pumas Black), still had enough quality teams to make it an Elite 14u event.  12 Teams from LA, OC, Chino Hills and the South Bay were on full display during pool play on Saturday.   Pool Winners, Jam Bruins, Evolution, Westchester Hogs and Newport Lightning looked strong on Saturday and only Newport Lightning would not make it to the final 4 on #ChampionshipSunday after losing to ranked YL Pumas Black in the Elite 8.  In the Semi-Final, Jam Bruins defeated Evolution 50-28 and the Westchester Hogs pulled off an upset over YL Pumas Black 52-42.  In the Championship match-up, the streaking Jam Bruins shot a high percentage from the perimeter that proved to be too much for the Hogs to match. Congrats Jam Bruins!


JV Division Champions: Tar Heels

MVP: Brian Montgomery (Tar Heels)


Varsity Division Champions: Superior Athletes

MVP: Brian Johnson (Superior Athletes)



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