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West Coast Elite 25 Rankings Clarification & Guidelines


As we continue to expand our reach across the West Coast Region States of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington (soon Colorado) we are limiting the number of weekend tournaments and events across the regions to count towards our rankings.

Here is how you can improve your WCE25 Ranking:

Participate in WCE25 Events such as:

  • WCE25 Regional Qualifiers taking place inArizona (April 20-21 Phx is Rising), Las Vegas (April 27-28 Vegas Elite), & SoCal (June 8-9 ARC)
  • WC25 Showcase Events Such as our San Diego Top Gun MAIN Event (June 29-30), Open Gym/WCE25 Showdown (August 10-11), Open Gym/WCE25 Hoopfest (September 20-21), Open Gym/WCE25 Classic (October 26-27), Open Gym/WCE25 Challenge (December 7-8)
  • WCE25 CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT July 5-7 hosted by Open Gym and Presented by WCE25 (the Youth Basketball Equivalent to NBA All Star Weekend)

Please contact us at westcoastelite25@gmail.com to find out how you can add your Event to our list of EVENTS or to Participate in these Events. These events help us sustain WCE25, so we appreciate your support in attending these EVENTS!

Participate in WCE25 Featured Tournament Events such as:

  • SoCal Flames Spring Classic (Inland Empire) April 20-21
  • Cinco De Mayo Basketball Tournament (Arizona) May 3-5
  • Fairfield Ballers Mother’s Day Blast (NorCal) May 11
  • Monrovia Mountaineers Memorial Tournament (SoCal) May 18-19
  • Oakland Soldiers Basketball Invitational (NorCal) May 18-19
  • SF Rebels/ Team Select 2nd Annual “Warm up to Reno” (NorCal) May 18-19
  • Phoenix is Rising Born For Greatness (Arizona) May 24-25
  • Northwest Championship (Washington) May 25-26
  • Cavs Summer Classic (SoCal) June 1-2
  • Fairfield Ballers Summer Blast (NorCal) June 1-2
  • Rose City Showcase (Oregon) June 7-9
  • ACES Coca Championship (SoCal) June 14-16
  • Phoenix is Rising Ball All Day June 14-16
  • Big Mountain Jam “All Under 1 Roof” (Utah) June 27-29

Please contact us at westcoastelite25@gmail.com to find out how your event can be added to this list!

Participate in our Regional Partner Events and Impress them enough to Rank your Team(s):

  • AAU Washington Hoops provides WCE25 with the inside scoop on the Pacific Northwest Teams and Events. Follow them on twitter for the inside scoop @AAUhoopsWA
  • DunkDog.com is a Youth Basketball National Media outlet that aims to supply the most accurate and extensive coverage available on a national level. Visit their website at http://www.dunkdog.com/ and follow on Twitter @DunkDog.com

Participate in National Events such as:

Note that results and pics must be shared directly with WCE25 at westcoastelite25@gmail.com or on Twitter @WCE25 to count towards ranking!

Participate in some of the current more competitive Regional Events that may or may not be with WCE25 such as:

  • Swoosh Fall Classic, CAVS Holiday Classic, Swoosh Christmas Classic, Washington Youth Sports Christmas Classic, ACES MLK, Seattle MLK, Portland Gymrats President’s Weekend, Southwest Showcase, X-Factor Invitational, Bigfoot Hoops Easter, Oakland Soldier Extravaganza, Jam On It Memorial & Vegas Fab 48

Note that Results are not always guaranteed to factor into ranking as non-affiliation may sometimes make it difficult to verify results of event.

Participate in any other Tournament that is not on our list of Tournaments and do it for the love of the Game:

  • Occasionally we select certain non-listed events to count towards the rankings. We do it because when there is time and when it makes sense. However, understand that if you played in a tournament and the rankings do not reflect those results, it was done for the love of the game.

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