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Updated 14u (8th Grade) Rankings Sponsored by Ballislife All-American Camp Nov 30 – Dec 1

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Inaugural BallIsLife All-American Camp on November 30 – December 1 happening at the American Sports Center in Anaheim, CA. The camp will feature an BallIsLife Uniform and Gear, Evaluations, and the BallIsLife All-American Game featuring the weekend’s best!Invitations for the camp will be going out throughout the Fall Season. If you feel you should be considered for the Camp, please email us westcoastelite25@gmail.com or text us at 310-502-0599 with your information!For more information on who will be attending Camp, please follow us on Instagram @WCE25.


Congrats Surf City Winning 14u Open Gym WCE25 Hoopfest!
Updated through 10/20/13
Elite Division
  1. I10 Celtics (SoCal)
  2. Surf City (SoCal)
  3. Flight Elite Black (NorCal)
  4. OC Vision (SoCal)
  5. Seattle Rotary Style Hennings (PNW)
  6. FOH Blue (PNW)
  7. Oakland Soldiers (PNW)
  8. AZ Eagles/Stars (Arizona)
  9. SF Rebels (NorCal)
  10. ICP (Oregon)
  11. Vegas Elite (Nevada)
  12. Seattle A Plus (PNW)
  13. Rising Stars (SoCal)
  14. Inland Force Elite (SoCal)
  15. San Diego Rebels (San Diego)
  16. All In One (Oregon)
  17. X-Factor (Utah)
  18. Heights Hornets (SoCal)
  19. Long Beach Gold Elite (SoCal)
  20. NJB Elite (SoCal)
  21. 1 Team 1 Dream (NorCal)
  22. City Stars (SoCal)
  23. Roadrunners (NorCal)
  24. ACCES Elite (Colorado)
  25. Tricity (SoCal)

Gold Division

  1. Elite Basketball Surf (SoCal)
  2. Arizona Pressure (Arizona)
  3. NBBA (NorCal)
  4. Sac Yellow Jackets (NorCal)
  5. San Diego All Stars (San Diego)
  6. San Diego Next Generation
  7. Colorado Miners Elite
  8. Spokane Run N Gun (PNW)
  9. Las Vegas Rebel Nation (Nevada)
  10. AZ Magic Elite  (Arizona)
  11. Vancouver Titans (PNW)
  12. Colorado Hawks (Colorado)
  13. YL Pumas (SoCal)
  14. Cache Valley (Utah)
  15. Tricity Thunder (NorCal)
  16. ASA Prime (NorCal)
  17. Future Baller (SoCal)
  18. Salem Swish (Oregon)
  19. Coastal Elite (San Diego)
  20. Cool Kids (NorCal)
  21. Chauncey Billups Elite (Colorado)
  22. SPKnights (SoCal)
  23. I AM Rockfish (SoCal)
  24. Sacramento Peak Performance (NorCal)
  25. AOC Santa Monica (SoCal)


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