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#1 Ranked WCE25 CJBA Coach Chris Johnson Takes Sabbatical from Coaching

Coach Chris Johnson takes sabbatical from coaching #1 Ranked CJBA

Coach Chris Johnson will be taking a sabbatical from coaching CJBA, Chris Johnson Basketball Academy.  With the launch and amazing success of his invention the Rapid Ramen Cooker, and with two more products coming in the next couple of months, he decided to direct his focus 100% to his businesses and family.  “This is a difficult decision as there is nothing in the world that I enjoy more than coaching and developing kids in the game of basketball.  However, this sabbatical is temporary, I will definitely return to coaching,” said Chris Johnson.  For now, his focus will be on building California’s fastest growing company, as he now has national distribution with Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Safeway/Vons, and Albertson’s to name a few.  Coach Chris also appeared on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank,” in which he secured a deal with Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban.  Coach Chris stated “the same intensity, focus, work ethic, and determination that I have coaching on the basketball court, I will continue to demonstrate in business.  My goal is to continue to be an example of winning on and off the court.”
Coach Chris lead CJBA to place 4th in the Country at Nationals in 2012, place 3rd in the Country at Nationals in 2013, and #1 in the West Coast.  “Though this is a painful decision, I will sacrifice coaching now, so I can coach for a lifetime,” said Chris Johnson.
We wish Coach Chris and his business best of luck!
Below is a link to Coach Chris Johnson’s “Shark Tank” episode click on the link below (episode starts at 26:52).


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