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Updated 13u Rankings Sponsored by Open Gym/ WCE25 Winter Extravaganza 12/21-22

the Extravaganza
DATE: December 21-22
LOCATION: American Sports Center
PRICE: $225 per team ($200 multi-team)
Elite, Gold, Silver, Bronze Divisions
Champion Awards & Ball is Life Gear for MVPs
West Coast Elite Event Recap and Coverage
NCAA / CIF Officiating
All Games in One Location
Online Schedule and Results

Salem Hoop 2019 win WYS in the PNW to move into Top 15!


Updated 12/5/2013

Elite Division

  1. City Stars (SoCal)
  2. Team Bibby (Arizona)
  3. AZ Monsoon (Arizona)
  4. I10 Celtics Black (SoCal)
  5. RC Bulls Elite (SoCal)
  6. Yellow Jackets Black (NorCal)
  7. Utah Pump N Run (Utah)
  8. AIM High (SoCal)
  9. Riverside Matrix (SoCal)
  10. SF Rebels (NorCal)
  11. Salem Hoop 2019 (Oregon)
  12. Junior Hoops (SoCal)
  13. Chauncey Billups Elite (Colorado)
  14. Team Showup (SoCal)
  15. Tricity (SoCal)
  16. Seattle Rotary Garmoe (PNW)
  17. Colorado Hawks (Colorado)
  18. San Pedro Knights (SoCal)
  19. Seattle Rotary Sedlik  (PNW)
  20. Hard to Guard (Inland Empire)
  21. Team Dojo (SoCal)
  22. CA Cobras (SoCal)
  23. Kings Academy (SoCal)
  24. SGV Blue (SoCal)
  25. San Diego Wildcats (San Diego)

Gold Division

  1. Bakersfield Elite (Central CA)
  2. The Basketball Factory (SoCal)
  3. Cool Kids (NorCal)
  4. AZ Legacy (Arizona)
  5. ICP (Oregon)
  6. CCB (Oregon)
  7. 303 Elite (Colorado)
  8. Seattle Hoopaholics (PNW)
  9. Invitation Only (SoCal)
  10. Roadrunners Sports Club (NorCal)
  11. Tucson Roadrunners (Arizona)
  12. SoCal Wolverines (SoCal)
  13. Bay Area Orangemen (NorCal)
  14. WC Thunder (SoCal)
  15. Sac Area Shooting Stars (NorCal)
  16. Burbank Raptors (SoCal)
  17. Flight Elite Black (NorCal)
  18. Team Uptempo (SoCal)
  19. HD Yakima (PNW)
  20. Bay City Basketball (NorCal)
  21. Tricity Future  (PNW)
  22. Bay Area Mambas (NorCal)
  23. FOH Blue (PNW)
  24. New Mexico Select (New Mexico)
  25. Utah Utes (Utah)

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