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Updated San Diego Rankings Sponsored by Top Gun Winter Challenge January 11-12


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January Winter Challenge

January 11, 12 – 2014

– All of our tournaments are West Coast Elite 25 affiliated for rankings and coverage.

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Rankings – To Be Released After End of Top Gun League Playoffs



We are the official SD Club rankings for www.westcoastelite25basketball.com

Rankings – 12/9/13

* Denotes they will be participating in the SD vs. OC Winter Challenge tournament in San Diego Jan 11-12


  1. SD Rebels – Won Top Gun Fall League over SDA and are your highest ranked SD team on WCE25 winning NJB/SGV Tournament and placing 2nd in the SGV Aloha Invitational *
  2. San Diego All Stars – Had a great Fall season winning a tournament championship at Swoosh.  Runner Up Top Gun Fall League *
  3. Coastal Elite – Champions of their host league.  *
  4. Gamepoint – Did well in some tournament play.  Need to see them more in league action.
  5. Broncos Blue – Great win over Black Mambas in TG Playoffs
  6. High Intensity – Won Sol A Championship, 3-4 in a tough TG League. *
  7. Black Mambas – Had a great TG League season tough playoff loss. *
  8. Next Generation – Runner Up Sol League
  9. Hustle Hard  – Won Sabers League
  10. Piranhas – 2nd in Sabers League
  1. SD Wildcats – Played up in both leagues and did very well.  Coastal and Sol *
  2. Top Gun Central – Won Coastal League (undefeated) and 2nd in TG League.  Did well against Top 10 West Coast teams in tournament.*
  3. Coastal Elite – Runner Ups in the Coastal Elite League *
  4. Top Gun West – 3rd place and beat TG Central earlier in season. *
  5. SD Matrix – Hard to put a gauge on this team, when they combine with Riverside, they are closer to top. *
  6. CV Lakers – Won the Sol League *
  7. Piranhas – Won Sabers League
  8. Next Generation – Runner Up Sol League
  9. Mavs – Far in Sol League *
  10. SB Show – Did well in leagues. *
  1. SD Rebels – This is not even close.  #1 team @WCE25 and won the 7th Grade A League TG and 1st place finish Dominators tournament. *
  2. Smokee Panthers – Won Sabers League over tough SB Show -*
  3. SB Show – Won TG League Lost tough one to Smokee Panthers in Sabers League – *
  4. Sabers – Won Sol league
  5. Future Titans – 2nd in TG League, won Coastal Elite League*
  6. Gamepoint Premier – Playoff win in TG league
  7. Raptors – Fared very well in TG League
  8. Coastal Elite – Runner up in Coastal Elite League *
  9. And1 – 2nd in Sol League
  10. TG Central – 3-4 in a tough league with a good win over the Raptors. *

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