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Updated 6th Grade Team Rankings Sponsored by Top Gun Spring Open March 29-30

Oakland Rebels Black Dominate WCE25 Colorado


WCE25 Colorado 6th Grade MVPs Je’Lani Clark & Bryce Monroe (Oakland Rebels)


SF Rebels win Roadrunner Tip-Off


Updated 4/8/2014

Elite 25

*** #1 Battle Between P. Miller and West Coast All Stars will be the most exciting match-up at the next Global CBA Session

  1. (1A) West Coast All Stars – WCAS lost in ACES MLK Championship to P. Miller, but lead in Global CBA Standings & won Gymrats
  2. (1B) P. Miller Ballers (Oakland Soldiers) – ACES MLK Champs went 1-1 vs WCAS and struggled at Global CBA
  3. San Diego Rebels (San Diego)
  4. Vegas Elite (Nevada)
  5. SF Rebels (NorCal)
  6. Oakland Rebels Black (NorCal)
  7. City Stars (SoCal)
  8. MVP Flight (NorCal)
  9. Seattle Rotary (PNW)
  10. Team Balance (Oregon)
  11. Utah Elite (Utah)
  12. Sagebrush Hoops (PNW)
  13. Utah Hard Knox (Utah)
  14. Tacoma Team Blackout (PNW)
  15. Gametime Elite (SoCal)
  16. R3 Elite (Oregon)
  17. Yellow Jackets (NorCal)
  18. FOH Blue (PNW)
  19. AZ Team Legacy (Arizona)
  20. EBC Blue (PNW)
  21. Bay Area Mambas (NorCal)
  22. Seattle Future Black (PNW)
  23. I10 Celtics (SoCal)
  24. Manhattan Beach Spartans (SoCal)
  25. Bay Area Orangemen (NorCal)

Gold Division

  1. AZ Power (Arizona)
  2. Utah Running Rebels (Utah)
  3. AZ Outlawz (Arizona)
  4. Colorado Miners (Colorado)
  5. San Diego South Bay Show (San Diego)
  6. Ventura Vipers (Arizona)
  7. Fundamentals (SoCal)
  8. CV Elite Black (Utah)
  9. Colorado Hawks (Colorado)
  10. Phoenix Flight (Arizona)
  11. Mt House Wolverines (NorCal)
  12. Team Forza (Colorado)
  13. NorCal Pharaohs (NorCal)
  14. West Coast Kings (SoCal)
  15. Elite Basketball / ELA Basketball (SoCal)
  16. Utah Devils (Utah)
  17. Cal Supreme (SoCal)
  18. Santa Fe Style (New Mexico)
  19. 303 Elite (Colorado)
  20. SL Valley Boyz (Utah)
  21. New Mexico Dogs (New Mexico)
  22. Utah Davis (Utah)
  23. Mac Black (Oregon)
  24. Junior Hoops (SoCal)
  25. Big City Sports (Inland Empire)

On the Cusp…

  1. All Out Blaze (NorCal)
  2. SPK (SoCal)
  3. Hoop Elite Tyner Black (Oregon)
  4. Bay Area Aces Black (NorCal)
  5. AZ Sting (Arizona)
  6. Utah X-Factor Black (Utah)
  7. Yorba Linda Pumas (SoCal)
  8. I AM Rockfish Gold (SoCal)
  9. Cavs (SoCal)

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