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Updated 3rd Grade Rankings Sponsored by WCE25 Utah Invitational June 21-22

Updated 4/14/14


AZ Elite Wins PhxIsRising WCE25 Arizona Event


Donny Arqueros & Jaydon Cameron named Most Outstanding Players 3rd Grade Division WCE25 AZ Event


CBC wins Open Gym Premier Ballislife Kickoff

9U Gold CBC

Frey Basketball Academy 9u wins New Mexico/WCE25 High Altitude Shoot-Out


Elite 25 

  1. San Francisco Rebels (NorCal) – Congrats on #1 Ranking!
  2. Cavs (SoCal)
  3. ARC (SoCal)
  4. Seattle Rotary Blue (PNW)
  5. City Stars (SoCal)
  6. Yorba Linda Core (SoCal)
  7. Oakland PAL Blue (NorCal)
  8. CBC (SoCal)
  9. Team Blackout (PNW)
  10. Dominators Green (Inland Empire)
  11. Bay City (NorCal)
  12. Utah Elite (Utah)
  13. Oakland Rebels (NorCal)
  14. Inland Force (Inland Empire)
  15. Future Ballers (SoCal)
  16. All Out Balze (NorCal)
  17. Team Hook-Em (Colorado)
  18. Lil Billups (Colorado)
  19. Seattle Rotary Style Black (PNW)
  20. Oakland Pal Gold (NorCal)
  21. Frey Basketball Academy (New Mexico)
  22. Ventura Heat (Ventura)
  23. Sac Panthers (NorCal)
  24. Team Dojo (SoCal)
  25. FOH Blue (PNW)

Gold 25

  1. Vegas Elite (Nevada)
  2. Burbank Raptors (SoCal)
  3. Federal Way Hype (PNW)
  4. Fast (Oregon)
  5. Dream Vision (NorCal)
  6. Game Stoppers (NorCal)
  7. Junior Hoops (SoCal)
  8. Utah Select (Utah)
  9. SGV Blue (SoCal)
  10. Seattle Stars (PNW)
  11. Team Nikos (SoCal)
  12. AZ Elite (Arizona)
  13. Hoopmasters (SoCal)
  14. Team Flash (Oregon)
  15. Bout That Basketball (SoCal)
  16. Utah Chaos (Utah)
  17. EJ Hoops (Colorado)
  18. East Country Basketball Academy (NorCal)
  19. SoCal Elite Black (SoCal)
  20. 503 Basketball (PNW)
  21. Open Gym Premier Black (SoCal)
  22. Tucson Roadrunners (Arizona)
  23. New Mexico Heat (New Mexico)
  24. Spyder Surf (SoCal)
  25. Tualutin Badgers (Oregon)

On the Cusp….

  1. Hoop Dreams (PNW)
  2. Clackamas (Oregon)
  3. Hardwork Basketball (SoCal)
  4. Colorado Gold (Colorado)
  5. Team Concept (PNW)
  6. Santa Barbara Vipers (Ventura)
  7. San Diego Raptors (San Diego)
  8. Salem Swish (Oregon)
  9. Las Cruces Heat (New Mexico)
  10. NM Ballers Jr. Elite (Colorado)

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