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Phx Is Rising WCE25 2nd Annual Arizona Event Recap




The Phx Is Rising / WCE25 Arizona Event  played host to 104 teams (73 Middle School and 31 HS) from Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Washington. The event took place in and around the Phoenix area and during the time when the Arizona climate is at its best (for those of you have not taken a trip to Arizona, know that the Arizona offers some of the best resorts in nation that will go great with your basketball activities). Top West Coast programs such as AZ Ventura Vipers, Team Dream, Seattle Future, AZ Stars, AZ Monsoon 2019, AZ Amp’ D Elite , New Mexico FBA, and New Mexico competed across 11 different divisions.  In addition, all participating teams who advanced to D1 Championship Sunday qualified for the Elite Division at the WCE25 Open Gym Premier Championship Event on July 5-6.  Teams who participated in D2 Divisions on Sunday qualified for the Silver and Bronze division at the WCE25 Open Gym Premier Championship Event on July 5-6. For more information on the upcoming championship event, visit http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/championship-tournament.


WCE25 would like to thank the Phx Is Rising staff for hosting this 2nd Annual event.  Phx is Rising Tournament Director Bobbi Barajas is one of the best in the business for organizing and hosting top notch events in Arizona.  It is for this reason that we have sanctioned Phx is Rising events as the official Arizona WCE25 Rankings event partner for the 2nd straight year. We invite everyone to attend the upcoming Memorial Day Masterpiece on May 24-25 in Phoenix Arizona.  For more information on the San Diego Invitational Event, please visit http://www.quickscores.com/Orgs/index.php?OrgDir=phxisrising







WCE25’s 10 Best of Best from the Phx is Rising 2nd Annual Arizona Event

1. WCE25 Event Player of the Year Amari Hudson (AZ Stars/Eagles) – With no disrespect to potential 2018 National Player of the Year, Marvin Bagley out of Arizona who has been playing for WACG on a National Level and is clearly the Top West Coast prospect out West, Amari Hudson earned the 2014 Arizona WCE25 Events Player of Year.  The 6’3″ Wing is one of the key reasons the AZ Stars/Eagles have been one the top 2018 teams competing out West for the past few years.  This past weekend, Amari helped lead his team to a 2nd place finish in the 15u division.  Amari’s solid build, athleticism, improved ball handling and shooting skills, as well as having been well coached bodes well for not only his HS career, but for the the HS team that lands Amari’s services.  As the WCE25 Arizona Player of the Year Recipient, Amari earned a scholarship to attend the Open Gym Premier Ballislife Junior All-American Camp taking place on August 2-3, 2014 in Anaheim, California. For more information, visit http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american-camp



2. Rising Star in Derick Kaps (Ventura Vipers) / Ventura Basketball Academy – Young Derick “the Crossover” put on a phenomenal dribbling exhibition that  brought the “oohs and aahs” from the crowd in his Final 4 game against #6 ranked Seattle Future.  His “crossover” led to several key buckets late in the 2nd half that ultimately helped his team advance to the 5th grade Championship game.  As we investigated were he honed his “crossover” skills, all roads led to the Ventura Basketball Academy. The Ventura  Basketball Academy is led by Trainers  Vaughn Compton and Brendon Lavender who appear to train many of the top middle school players from Arizona with great results.


3. Game Changer in Ethan Spry (Arizona Monsoon 2019) – Not many know about the 6’5″ Forward/Center guarding the paint for one of the better 2019 teams out West.  However, many will soon realize that the 6’5″ is force a to be reckoned with now that he has had a year of tutelage under AZ Monsoon Coach Brown.  Ethan has improved quite well over the past year.  He is a much better defender, has improved his offensive footwork in the post, and still has the touch of a wing player from the outside.  Ethan was a big part of the reason the AZ Monsoon team continues to compete while playing up in Arizona and why they have a chance to earn the GlobalCBA Championship this upcoming weekend.  Ethan was awarded an Open Gym Premier Ballislife Junior All-American Camp scholarship taking place on August 2-3 for his development.  For more information, visit http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american-camp


4. 2021 Rising Stars Leon Neal and Keshawn Douglas (Seattle Future Black)   –   The Emerald City Guards were sensational this past weekend.  The small, but talented Leon, is an absolute dynamo.  He has great vision and passing ability, but also has a good understanding of when his team needs him to score.  Keshawn is an all-around guard that may not stand-out at first glance until you realize that he can handle the rock, control the offense, knock down the jumpers, and be a defensive hawk.  Both players were a pleasure to watch and as a result earned an invitation to the  Open Gym Premier Ballislife Junior All-American Camp on August 2-3, 2014.  For more information, visit http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american-camp

seattle future

5. 2022 Jaelyn Bates (New Mexico Frey Basketball Academy) More than Belongs on the Court, because She Owns It  – We had heard about Jaelyn Bates from her coach before her team competed in the WCE25 Colorado Tournament of Champions back in March.  Unfortunately, because of the weather, we did not get to watch her compete in Colorado.  Luckily for us, we were treated to watching the ultra competitive, hard working, and skilled Jaelyn compete in Arizona. Jaelyn is an absolute joy to watch because she is a tiny bundle of fundamental basketball that owns the court.  She possessed the best shooting, passing and dribbling skill set from any player competing in the 4th Grade Division and for that reason, was earned an invitation to the Open Gym Premier Ballislife Junior All-American Camp on August 2-3 in Anaheim, California.


6. Game Changer Nico Mannion (AZ Monsoon 2019)  –  Red headed, green tights wearing, and polite Utah transport Nico may not intimidate his opponents off the court.  As a matter fact, he may trick you into believing he will be your best friend on the court as he is off the court.  Well, we have news for you, don’t be fooled by his niceness because Nico is more likely to stick that dagger three in your face and cross you over while leaving you wonder if he was your best friend all along.  We look forward to watching Niko compete at the GlobalCBA this coming weekend.


7. Phx is Rising AZ Kick’s Game / Sock Game – Kobe 9’s and Lebron’s shoe were some of the better looking shoes out on the court this past weekend; however, the #SockGame was much better.  With WCE25 Nike Elite Socks available from bestfootforwardapparel.com (Instagram @oneupsports04), the #SockGame was in full effect.


8. 5th Grade Division – 5 Elite 25 teams from Washington, California, New Mexico and Arizona competed for the 5th Grade Championship that was ultimately won by #8 Ranked Team Dream out of California.  The competition was so tough, that #19 New Mexico FBA did not make the Final 4.  In 1 of the Final 4 sessions, #24 AZ Team Legacy faced #8 Team Dream in a close game that was won by Team Dream. In other Final 4 session, #40 AZ Ventura Vipers faced off against #6 Seattle Future in the most exciting game of the weekend. The game featured multiple lead changes, a big crowd, and big plays from Derick “the Crossover” Kaps (AZ Ventura Vipers),  Brett Hardt Jr (AZ Ventura Vipers), Leon Neal (Seattle Future Black), and Keshawn Douglas (Seattle Future Black).  Although, AZ Ventura Vipers won the game, the overall play and atmosphere led us to believe we were the winners for having watched such a competitive and well played game.

9. 5th Grade WCE25 MVP Barrington Hargress (Team Dream) –   The scowl Barrington shows when he plays defense is enough to intimidate you into a turnover.  He does it often, and his opponents often turn it over often.  This weekend, Barrington used his scowl to not only scare off opponents on defense, but also used it on offense.  Barrington had a huge Final 4 game versus AZ Team Legacy as he hit an array of shots from distance, mid-range and inside that put the game away for good.  Barrington was just as good in the Championship game and earned the right to be named the MVP and Top 5th Grade Player this past weekend as well as a scholarship to the Ballislife Junior All-American Camp on August 2-3 in Anaheim, California.


10. Rising Star 2021 Isaiah Freeney (AZ Team Legacy) – The point guard is known in his Phoenix area as one of the better players in his age group.  Well, he can now be known for being one of the better players on West Coast.  Isaiah competed at a high level in his Final 4 match-up versus Team Dream.  He was able to handle pressure and score quite well for most of the game, but his team fell short to the talented California based Team Dream.  Isaiah earned an invitation to the Ballislife Junior All-American on August 2-3 in Anaheim, California for his play this past weekend.







AZ Elite 3rd Grade Champs


Scottsdale Wolves 4th Grade Champs


Team Dream 5th Grade Champs


AZ Rebels 6th Grade Champs


Roadrunner Dynasty 7th Grade  Champs


Amp’D Elite 8th Grade Champs


Phoenix Soldiers 9th Grade Champs


CA Trojans JV Champs


AZ Hustle Elite Varsity Champs


Upcoming Phx is Rising Events (AZ WCE25 Ranking Events)


AZ Phx is Rising Masterpiece May 24-25, 2014

AZ Phx is Rising Masterpiece May 24-25, 2014


Visit Phx is Rising Website for more info: http://www.quickscores.com/Orgs/index.php?OrgDir=phxisrising


MAY 24-26TH Memorial Day Masterpiece



AUG 2nd-3rd- 3 on 3@ ASC (4 players per team)


SEPT 12-14th -2nd Annual Hispanic Basketball Classic (open to all teams)

OCT 11-12th Scottsdale Slam @ Rancho Solano

OCT 24th-26th Bang Out for Breast Cancer

NOV 21-23th Full Court Festivities

DEC 12-14th Christmas On the Court

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