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In Memory of Becky Hudson O’Brien




WCE25 would like our entire basketball family to take a moment to recognize and remember, Becky Hudson O’Brien.   Unfortunately, Becky’s life was cut short recently while attending and doing what she loved to do best, cheer Rylan on!  Juan and their son, 2018 Rylan O’Brien, have been a big part of West Coast Club basketball scene for a few years now. Rylan, who currently plays for Tucson Team Prep, AZ was also a past member of National Teams I10 Celtics and AZ Monsoon.  Rylan is not only one of the more talented players on the West Coast, but he also excels in both the classroom, as well as on the golf course.

Becky’s presence will be missed on and off the court because not only was a she a great mother and supporter of her son, but she was also a bright and beautiful person who had an amazing way of making those around her feel so happy. We send our deepest condolences to Juan, Rylan and their family and ask our WCE25 to keep them in their thoughts.

R.I.P. Becky Hudson O’Brien


Live life to the fullest- Jack Ramsey


WCE25 (w/ Britt Threatt)


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