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Oregon Updated Rankings Sponsored by 2nd Annual WCE25 Championship Event July 5-6

Sponsored by Oregon Hoops (www.oregonhoops.net)

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Double Pump Northwest Tournament
May 24th – 26th

Double Pump Northwest Tournament as moved to Memorial Day Weekend and is now opened to 12U/6th Grade to 17U/11th grade with unsigned seniors welcome. The Hoop in Salem co-hosts this event with world renown grassroots operators David and Dana Pump, Double Pump tournaments are considered the nation’s premiere basketball events for teams pursuing the highest levels of competition and exposure.

If you have any questions please contact 503-910-8183.


Updated 5/19/14

9u Rankings 

  1. Fast
  2. Team Flash
  3. Clackamas
  4. 503 Basketball
  5. Mac Black
  6. Team Balance
  7. Oregon Swish
  8. Tualitin Badgers
  9. Salem Swish
  10. Salem Hoop

10u Rankings 

  1. Sherwood Bowmen
  2. Fast
  3. AIO Johnson
  4. Mack Black
  5. CCB
  6. D1 Prospects
  7. Team Balance
  8. Roots Black
  9. Sandy Elite Pioneers
  10. Hoop Elite Evans Grey
  11. Team Fly

11u Rankings

  1. FAST
  2. Elite Hoops
  3. CCB
  4. R3 Elite
  5. Hoop Elite Red
  6. Follow Thru Basketball
  7. Sherwood Bowmen
  8. Team Fly
  9. Salem Hoop
  10. First Step
  11. Putnam

12u Rankings 

  1. Team Balance
  2. R3 Elite
  3. Maeko
  4. Barlow
  5. Cagers
  6. Hoop Elite Tyner Black
  7. MAC Black
  8. R-Time
  9. Clutch Players Blue
  10. D1 Dreams Black

13u Rankings

  1. Salem Hoop (Team 2019)
  2. ICP
  3. CCB
  4. Hoop Elite Harrison Black
  5. Oregon Elite
  6. Team Impact Black
  7. Team Splash
  8. Team Fly
  9. Trinity Shelby
  10. Dubtown Wildcats
  11. Prep Elite
  12. North Starz
  13. Lincoln
  14. Rose City Thunder
  15. Team Concept

14u Rankings

  1. Maeko
  2. AIO Johnson
  3. ICP
  4. Rose City Thunder
  5. Team Balance Titans
  6. Hoop Elite Brownhill Grey
  7. Oregon Swish
  8. SCORE
  9. I5 Elite
  10. Vanport
  11. Salem Hoop

2nd Annual WCE25 Championship Event Presented by Open Gym July 5-6, 2014

LOCATION: American Sports Center (1500 S. Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805)

PRICE: $375 per team

Divisions: Bracket Pool Play leading into Playoff Based on Pool Seeding


  • Tournament sponsored by West Coast Elite 25
  • Champions Crowned Official 2012-13 WCE25 #1 Ranked Team
  • MVP Awards for  Team Winners
  • Team and Player Interviews to be featured on WCE25
  • DJ
  • MVP award in each division with gear gift bag for winner
  • DJ playing music
  • Bracket-style play with champions
  • NCAA / CIF officiating
  • High-level of competition
  • All games in one location
  • Sponsor Exhibits/ Giveaways
  • Ball is Life Table
  • On-site courteous staffing
  • Up to the Hour Schedule and results published online


Email info@opengymOC.com or westcoastelite25@gmail.com or for specific questions.

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