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Updated Colorado Rankings Sponsored by 2nd Annual WCE25 Championship Event July 5-6

 2nd Annual WCE25 Championship Event Hosted by Open Gym July 5-6, 2014 

LOCATION: American Sports Center (1500 S. Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805)

PRICE: $375 per team

Contact: westcoastelite25@gmail.com or 310-502-0599 to reserve your Championship Event Spot today!





More Information www.coloradotourneys.com


WCE25 Colorado Rankings
Updated 5/13/14

3rd Grade Elite

2.Lil Billups
3. NM Ballers Jr. Elite
4. Co. Hawks
5. Ej Hoops
6.Denver Defenders
7.303 Elite
8.Mile High Wolverines
9.Mile High Bulldogs

4th Grade Elite

1.Billups Elite
2.Black Out Basketball
3.303 Elite
5.North Metro Ballers
6. Eagles
7.Boykins Basketball Acad
8.Jr. Wolves
10.Elevation Flyers

5TH Grade Elite

2.NM Ballers
3.CS Elite
4.Mile High Bulldogs
5.Team Hook’em
6.Miners 11u Elite
8.Barkleys Bruisers
9.Premier U11B Red
10.Dream Team
6th Grade Elite

1.Miners Elite
4.303 Elite
5.Boykins Basketball Acad
6.U.S.A (Pueblo)
8.Mile High Bull Dogs
9.Connect Hoopers
10.Big Frame

7th Grade Elite
1.Billups Elite
2.Connect Rockers
4.303 Elite
5.Wyoming Flight
6.MileHigh Bull Dogs
7.Elevation Flyers
8.Just Us Runnin Rebles
9.Boykins Academy
10. Rockies

8th Grade Elite 

1.Hawks Nation Red
2.Billups Elite
3.Miners Elite
4.Hawks Nation White
5.South Central Elite
7.Co. Wolves
8.RM. Soldiers
9.Elevation Flyers
10.Boykins Basketball Acad

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