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2nd Annual #WCE25Championship at Open Gym Premier Recap Part 1




The 2nd Annual WCE25 Championship Event at Open Gym Premier (#WCE25Championship) marked the end of the 2013/14 WCE25 Rankings.  Essentially, it is the event that gives teams their last opportunity to make a run at the #1 WCE25 Ranking or to the opportunity to end the season as a WCE25 ranked team.  This past year, the WCE25 series of ranking events included stops in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, NorCal, Oregon, San Diego, SoCal, and Utah.  We are excited to announce that the 2014/15 will include expansion into Texas, the addition of WCE25 series of events in Oregon and Washington, as well as an Invite Only Event at the end of 2014 to take place in Southern California.


However, before we get too ahead of ourselves, we want to thank those that attended and helped made our  2nd Annual WCE25 Championship Event at Open Gym Premier a success.  Our goal is to not only provide club teams with the most competitive and well organized events in the country, but to provide you a socially active live experience where all our participants and supporters can interact through all our social media outlets.


Please make sure to follow us @WC25 and @OpenGymPremier on both Twitter and Instagram to get an inside glimpse of what happened and is happening at our events.  For this event, look up hashtag #WCE25Championship for all the pictures/news shared throughout the event.


Inside the Numbers

  • 228 Total Teams Attended (Grades 2- HS)
  • 24 Division Team Champions
  • 8  = Number of States with teams in attendance (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, & Washington)

Past or Current NBA Faces in The Crowd

  • Earl Watson
  • Don Maclean
  • Pooh Richardson
  • Juaquin Hawkins
  • Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant


Best  Coached Clubs in Attendance

  • UBC (Utah)
  • Kings Academy (SoCal)
  • Maeko (Oregon)
  • SD Select (San Diego)
  • Bay City Basketball (NorCal)
  • OC Vision (SoCal)
  • Top Gun (San Diego)
  • NM Force (New Mexico)
  • Riverside Matrix (Inland Empire)
  • Earl Watson Elite (Los Angeles, CA)
  • SCV Playmakers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Seattle Future (Seattle, Washington)
  • San Diego Gamepiont (San Diego, CA)


Best Basketball Training Programs in Attendance

  • Open Gym Premier (SoCal)
  • Ventura Vipers (Arizona)


Most Improved Teams in Attendance

  • NGA Stars 2019 (SoCal)
  • NM Force 2018  (New Mexico)
  • San Diego Wildcats 2019 (San Diego)
  • Inland Force 2021 (Inland Empire)
  • AZ Rebels (Arizona)
  • Seattle Future 2020 & 2021 (Seattle, Washington)


Top Ranked Program in Attendance

  • West Coast All-Stars 2020: The 2 Time WCE25 Champions  are Ranked #1 Nationally.  They have defeated top ranked national programs such as the Oakland Soldiers, Julius V Elite National Squad, San Diego Select 2020 and a slew of Midwest, East Coast and Southern Teams.


Nationally Experienced Programs in Attendance 

  • OC Vision
  • Julius V Elite
  • Utah Elite
  • San Diego Select
  • West Coast All-Stars
  • Maeko
  • I10 Celtics
  • SGV
  • Inland Force


Julius V. Elite National 2020 Team

Pictured: Jordan Toles (Baltimore, MD), Kyree Walke (Oakland, CA), Dwon Odem (Atlanta, GA), Montes McNeil (Baltimore, MD), Fred Burton (San Bernardino, CA), Isaiah LeBlanc (Houston, TX), Jack Rottler (Newport Beach, CA), Jalen Reyes (Los Angeles, CA), Keith Dinwidde (Los Angeles, CA), & Jay Taylor (Sacramento, CA)


Most Spirited Fan Base

  • LA Select and Oakland Pal


Top 3 #WCE25Championship Moments

    • 2020 Jason Harris (West Coast All Stars) 1st Dunk makes ESPN Top 10


  • 2018 Tony Dancy (United Sports Training) Game Winning Deep 3 on the Final Game of the Event to seal the 2018 Gold Championship for UST.


  • 2019 Michael Carter (NGA Stars) game winning buzzer beater over Riverside Matrix to help give his team the #1 Seed in their pool.


Most Social Media Active Organizations

  • Top Gun / Twitter @topgunbball
  • Team Dojo / Twitter @Basketballdojo
  • Cavs / Twitter @Cavsworld
  • Fresno Nemesis / Twitter @NemesisBBall
  • West Coast All-Stars / Twitter @wecallstarsaau
  • NorCal Pharaohs / Twitter @NCP11U
  • I10 Celtics/LA Bobcats / Twitter @I10Celtics
  • Earl Watson Elite / Twitter @earlwatsonelite
  • CaliElite/ Twitter Twitter @calieliteballin
  • Vision Basketball / Twitter @visionbball
  • Bay City Basketball / Twitter @baycitybball
  • Bay Area Mambas / Twitter @bayareamambas
  • Phoenix Soldiers / Twitter @PHXISRISING
  • SoCal Pride / Twitter @SoCalPride
  • LA Elite / Twitter @LosAngelesElite
  • Seattle Future / Twitter @SeaFuture2021 & @SeaFuture2020
  • Cool Kids / Twitter @1000coolkids

Top 5 Most Impressive Ballers

  • 2020 Jason Harris (West Coast All-Stars / Arizona)
  • 2020 Paris Dawson (West Coast All-Stars / Arizona)
  • 2020 Obinna Anyanwu (San Diego Select/ San Diego)
  • 2018 Darius Guinn (Maeko/ Oregon)
  • 2018 Alex Angeles (Maeko/ Oregon)


Media Pictures/Coverage

Dave Keefer from californiapreps.rivals.com  was on hand to cover the action throughout the weekend.  To learn more about his work and website, please click on the californiapreps.rivals.com link above.  You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveKeefer

  •  Pictures Shared by Dave Keefer









#WCE25Championship Event at Open Gym Premier Reviews








Part 2 of the #WCE25 will be up on our site this Sunday, July 13.  It will include:

  • Championship Team Pictures
  • Runner-Up Team Pictures
  • 2020 Championship Game Recap by Dave Keefer
  • MVP Pictures
  • In-Depth Look at the Numbers
  • Social Media Pictures
  • 2014/15 WCE25 Schedule of Events!





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