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Updated 5th Grade Rankings Sponsored by Open Gym Premier Classic Tournament October 25-26

Halloween Classic October 25-26, 2014

Halloween Classic October 25-26, 2014

Elite 25

  1. Oakland Pal Blue (NorCal)
  2. ESP Bobcats/I10 Celtics (SoCal)
  3. ARC (SoCal)
  4. Seattle Stars (PNW)
  5. Cali Elite (Inland Empire)
  6. Utah Force (Utah)
  7. West Coast Rebels (Nevada)
  8. MVP Flight Elite (NorCal)
  9. SoCal Frogg All-Stars (SoCal)
  10. SF Rebels (NorCal)
  11. SGV Blue (SoCal)
  12. Seattle Future Black (PNW)
  13. Seattle Style Bernard (PNW)
  14. Elk Grove Capitols (NorCal)
  15. SDS Seals (San Diego)
  16. SoCal Spartans (Previously SCV Playmakers (SoCal)
  17. Dominators (Inland Empire)
  18. NM Hoops (New Mexico)
  19. Team Balance (PNW)
  20. Scottsdale Wolves (Arizona)
  21. FOH Blue (PNW)
  22. Utah Elite (Utah)
  23. AZ Titans (Arizona)
  24. NM Lil Dogs (New Mexico)
  25. Billups Elite (Colorado)

Gold 25

  1. Redondo Beach Supreme (SoCal)
  2. NorCal Pharaohs (NorCal)
  3. Inland Force (Inland Empire)
  4. Oakland Rebels Red (Norcal)
  5. AZ Team Legacy (Arizona)
  6. Open Gym Premier Elite (SoCal)
  7. Kent Elite (PNW)
  8. Bay City (NorCal)
  9. Tucson Heat (Arizona)
  10. Bakersfield Elite (Central CA)
  11. Irvine Sonics (SoCal)
  12. Baseline to Baseline (SoCal)
  13. Vision Basketball Academy (NorCal)
  14. Westside Mambas (SoCal)
  15. Team Nikos Black(SoCal)
  16. Team Esface (NorCal)
  17. Junior Hoops (SoCal)
  18. Vegas Elite Blue (Nevada)
  19. Ventura Heat (SoCal)
  20. AZ Storm (Arizona)
  21. Fresno Stampede (Central CA)
  22. California Basketball Group (SoCal)
  23. Laguna Niguel Bruins (SoCal)
  24. Roadrunners (NorCal)
  25. Utah Kings (Utah)

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