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WCE25/Indihoops Invitational Event Recap



The WCE25 Indihoops Invitational played host to 55 of the Top Ranked WCE25 Middle School teams from Arizona, Oregon, Utah, NorCal, SoCal, San Diego in South Orange County, California early on December 2014.  Teams from across 6 divisions (Grades 3-8th) received their exclusive invites before the start of 2014-15 season for a chance to compete against top level competition and to be considered for the Top WCE25 ranking to end the year.

Team Scores and Results can be found at: http://www.indihoops.com/sites/default/files/tournament-schedules/WCE%2025%20Schedule%20Final.pdf

8th Grade Division Results

14 Teams: #1 City Stars, #2 Earl Watson Elite Silver , #4 I10 Celtics Green (new ranking), #6 Vegas Elite (new ranking), #7 Riverside Matrix, #8 Impact Elite (new ranking), #16 JR Hoops, #17 Cool Kids, #20 ML20, #22 OC Wolverines (new ranking) #23 Earl Watson Elite Black, Top 40 San Diego All Stars, and Team Inland.

Final Four: #1 City Stars vs #2 Earl Watson Elite Silver / #4 I10 Celtics Green vs. #6 Vegas Elite

Championship Game:  #1 City Stars vs. I10 Celtics Green

Champion: #1 City Stars


7th Grade Division Results

13 Teams: #2 West Coast All Stars, #4 ML20 Oregon (new ranking), #10 Utah Elite (new ranking), #12 Gametime Elite (new ranking), #13 Earl Watson Elite Silver (new ranking), #15 NorCal Spartans (new ranking), #15 Bay Area Mambas (new ranking), #16 Arizona Rebels (new ranking), #25 I AM Rockfish (new ranking), #31 West Coast Kings, Top 50 San Diego South Bay Show, Top 50 Southbay Youth Sports, and Top 50 Earl Watson Elite Black

Final Four: #2 West Coast All Stars vs #12 Gametime Elite/ #4 ML20 Oregon vs. #10 Utah Elite

Championship Game:  #2 West Coast All Stars vs. ML20 Oregon

Champion: #2 West Coast All Stars

6th Grade Division Results

10 Teams: #1 West Coast All Stars (new ranking), #2 Oakland Soldiers (new ranking) , #5 Inland Force (new ranking), #10 San Diego Sabers Elite, #14 Cali Elite (new ranking), #15 Earl Watson Elite Silver (new ranking), #16 Utah Elite (new ranking)Top 30 Big City Sports, Top 30 Big City Sports, and Top 35 MOC Magic.

Final Four: #1 West Coast All Stars vs #5 Inland Force/ #2 I10 Oakland Soldiers vs. #10 San Diego Sabers Elite

Championship Game:  #1 West Coast All Stars vs. #2 Oakland Soldiers

Champion: #1 West Coast All Stars


5th Grade Division Results

9 Teams: #1 I10 Celtics, #4 Utah Force (new ranking), #7 West Coast All Stars (new ranking), #8 ML20 Oregon (new ranking), #12 SoCal Spartans (new ranking), Top 20 Dominators, Top 20 Cali Elite, Top 50 Earl Watson Elite, Top 50 LN Bruins

Final Four: #1 I10 Celtics vs #12 SoCal Spartans / #4 Utah Force vs. #8 ML20 Oregon

Championship Game:  #1 I10 Celtics vs. #4 Utah Force

Champion: #1 I10 Celtics


4th Grade Division Results

5 Teams: #10 Future Ballers, #16 Dominators Green, Top 40 City Stars, Top 40 LN Bruins, Top 50 Southbay Youth Sports.

Championship Game:  #10 Future Ballers  vs. #16 Dominators Green

Champion: #10 Future Ballers



3rd Grade Division Results

4 Teams: #1 Team Dojo (new ranking), #3 JR Hoops (new ranking), #4 San Diego South Bay Show (new ranking), #5 Pro Skills

Championship Game:  #1 Team Dojo vs. #3 JR Hoops

Champion: #1 Team Dojo




All WCE25/Indihoops Top 5 Most Outstanding Players

Sponsored by West Coast Elite Junior All-American Camp February 7-8.  For more information, click on: http://www.westcoastelitebasketball.com/west-coast-elite-presents-2nd-annual-jr-all-american-camp-february-7th-8th-2015-gahr-hs-cerritos-california/



 8th Grade All-Tourney Team: Ernest Jackson (City Stars), Jovon McClanahan (City Stars), Isaiah Mobley (I10 Celtics Green), Noah Taitz (Vegas Elite/ 7th Grade), Jacob Ray (Earl Watson Elite Silver)

7th Grade All-Tourney Team: Mason Falslev (Utah Elite), Andre Best (ML20 Oregon), Dylan Andrews (Gametime Elite / 6th Grade), Jason Harris (West Coast All Stars), Dillon Depina (West Coast All Stars)



6th Grade All-Tourney Team: Sisi Lose (Oakland Soldiers), Xavier Otis (San Diego Sabers Elite), Ricardo Sarmiento (West Coast All Stars), Paris Dawson (West Coast All Stars), Jai Timberlake (Inland Force)


5th Grade All-Tourney Team: Evan Young (Utah Force), Jalen Vazquez (I10 Celtics), Cristian Manzano (SoCal Spartans), Josiah Johnson (I10 Celtics), Marquise “Mookie” Cook (ML20 Oregon)


4th Grade All-Tourney Team: Kalief Bishop (City Stars), Zachary Smail (LN Bruins), David Mack (Future Ballers), Trent Perry (Future Ballers), Donald Bluitt (Dominators Green)


3rd Grade All-Tourney Team: Dreon Lewis (Team Dojo), Ellis Spillman (JR Hoops), JJ Sanchez (San Diego Southbay Show), Conejo Britt (Team Dojo), Caleb Versherz (Proskills)


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