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WCE25 Top Arizona/New Mexico Ballers Sponsored by EBC AZ Camp January 24-25, 2015


The upcoming EBC Arizona Camp on January 24-25 will will bring together the top young players in Arizona and New Mexico for professional skills training, competitive drills and live games in front of top coaches and media members.  The camp is designed to showcase the top talent in grades 3-8. The camp will allow players to compete for a spot on the WCE25 National List of Players in their class that is shared with National affiliates such as Middle School Hoops (www.middleschoolhoops.com).  In addition, players will also earn the opportunity to be invited to our upcoming National  Camps:

3rd Annual Ballislife Junior All-American Camp at Open Gym Premier on July 31-August 2, 2015 (Orange County, CA)

Event Info: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american

Camp Recap: https://westcoastelite25basketball.com/2014/08/15/2nd-annual-ballislife-junior-all-american-at-open-gym-premier-recap/

2nd Annual Elite 32 Camp at Open Gym Premier on November 28-29, 2015 (Orange County, CA) 

Event Info: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/elite-32

Camp Recap: https://westcoastelite25basketball.com/2014/12/09/elite32camp-recap-part-1-media-player-evaluations-video-and-pictures-recap/

Camp Video Recap: http://youtu.be/JQ-R9wPmfV4

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a new series of regional elite youth camps called the Elite Basketball Circuit in different areas throughout the Western United States. To register for the upcoming EBC Camp in Arizona, click on this link: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/ebc-arizona

Here is a list of Arizona and New Mexico’s Top Ranked Players based on Elite 32, Ballislife Jr. All-American Camp and WCE25 Event performances:


Class of 2019 (8th Grade):

Andres Pacheco, Blaise Threat, Blake Warren, Brandon Hadi, Brody Popham, Charlie Rodgers,

CJ Nnrom, Connor Findsen, Trent Brown, Ethan Smith, Ethan Spry, Griffin Bryant,  Jacob Brady,

Jacob Beltran, Jaelen House, Jalen Grijalva,  Jalen Hopkins, Jason Amador, Javon Blacksher,

Jaylan Chillous, Jerry Johnson,Jordan Mains, Josh Green, Kingdom Artis, Logan McCullough,

Lovonne Brunson, Majok Deng, Marques White, Marquise Boyd, Marshall Lemke, Nico Mannion,

Ryan Gilburne, Shane Robledo, Spencer Rattler, Steven Koko, Travis Hamilton, Tyrese Rodgers,

Vean Simon

Class of 2020 (7th Grade)

Alem Hursenovic, Beau Williams, Dalton Emery, Dayton Harris, Eloy Medina, Emmanuel Ledezma,  Evan Nelson,  Jason Harris, Kendyl Watson, Kyree Ware, Marcus Bagley, Nahson Harper, Nate Orick,

Tyson Legner, Xavier Dusell, Zeke Thompson

Class of 2021 (6th Grade)

Adrian Galindo, Brandon Lee, Brett Hardt, Bryce Baptiste, Chandler Carter, Dalton Emery,

Isaiah Freeney, Jacob Begay, Javon Ruffin, Nate Pickens, Ricardo Sarmiento, Steven Cervantes,

Tyrone Washington

Class of 2022 (5th Grade)

Anthony Casey, Brandon Nacario, Garrisson Sherman, Jaelyn Bates, Justus Jackson, Malaki Owens,  Mehki Mason, Ryan Ginsberg, Sadru Smith

Class of 2023 (4th Grade)

Deotis Dunn, Donovan Arqueros, Gabe Pickens, Lorenzo Pacheco, Preston Lee

Class of 2024 (3rd Grade)

Ben Rosenberg, Hayden Stebbins, Jaydon Cameron,  Jordan Lee

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  1. Rohan Birch January 31, 2015 at 10:04 am #

    Who do we contact to get an invite to these camps

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