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2nd Annual Seattle Stars Classic Recap

Seattle Stars Classic March 7-8

Seattle Stars Classic March 7-8

The 2nd Annual Seattle Stars Classic played host to 41 middle school teams from California, Oregon and Washington. Our impression, the Seattle area has high level talent, some great coaching and teams that proved worthy of moving up in our rankings.  High praise for Seattle Rotary, who won five out of the six divisions. Also, high praise to Ben Blue and his Seattle Stars staff for hosting a great event.  We look forward to the 2016 3rd Annual Seattle Stars Classic (http://www.seattlestarsbball.com).  Team Scores and Results can be found at: http://basketball.exposureevents.com/44485/2015-seattle-stars-classic/divisions



8th Grade Division Results / 7 Teams: #9 Seattle Rotary Blue, #25 Washington Elite, #47 ACCESS, SGV Blue (Top 50 in upcoming rankings), Kent Elite, Seattle Rotary Black, NW All-Stars. Final Four: #9 Seattle Rotary Blue vs #47 ACCESS / #25 Washington Elite vs SGV Blue (CA)  Championship Game:  #9 Seattle Rotary Blue vs. #25 Washington Elite

Champion: #9 Seattle Rotary Blue (Top Ranked in Seattle)


7th Grade Division Results/  5 Teams: #8 FOH Blue, #9 Team Blackout, #10 Seattle Rotary Blue,  NW All-Stars, Spokane Heat.  As expected, the top three teams would beat each other up in pool play: FOH Blue defeated Seattle Rotary. Seattle Rotary defeated Team Blackout. Team Blackout defeated FOH Blue Championship Game:  #9 Team Blackout vs #10 Seattle Rotary Blue – Game went into Triple OT.

Champion: #8 Seattle Rotary (will move to #7)


6th Grade Division Results / 11 Teams: #5 Seattle Rotary Blue, #16 Seattle A+, #36 Seattle Future, #42 Seattle Stars, #46 Seattle Rotary Black, 509 Elite, Kent Elite, NW All Stars, Team Blackout, Enumclaw Hornets, Seattle Rotary White Final Four: #5 Seattle Rotary Blue vs #46 Seattle Rotary Black / #16 Seattle A+ vs #42 Seattle Stars  Championship Game:  #5 Seattle Rotary Blue vs #16 Seattle A+

Champion: #5 Seattle Rotary Blue / #1 PNW team – Tremendously talented and a very deep squad


5th Grade Division Results / 7 Teams: #4 Seattle Stars, #17 ABA Hoops (Oregon), #26 Seattle Future Black, #47 Kent Elite, Spokane Hype (Top 50 in future rankings), Seattle Stars White, NW All-Stars Final Four: #4 Seattle Stars vs ABA Hoops (Oregon) #26 Seattle Future Black vs Spokane Hype Championship Game:  #4 Seattle Stars vs #26 Seattle Future Black

Champion: #4 Seattle Stars


4th Grade Division Results 5 Teams: #5 Seattle Rotary Blue, #11 Academy of Future Ballers (CA),  #13 Team Blackout, #23 Seattle Stars, #36 Seattle Rotary Black, NW All-Stars. Final Four: #11 Academy of Future Ballers (CA) vs #13 Team Blackout / #5 Seattle Rotary Blue vs #36 Seattle Rotary Black Championship Game:  #5 Seattle Rotary vs #11 Academy of Future Ballers (CA)

Champion: #5 Seattle Rotary Blue (Will move in future rankings)


3rd Grade Division Results /5 Teams: #7 Seattle Rotary, #11 Seattle Stars, #36 Seattle Stars White, Federal Way Hype, Tri-Cities Flight  Championship Game:  #7 Seattle Rotary vs #11 Seattle Stars

 Champion: #7 Seattle Rotary


All WCE25/Indihoops Top 5 Most Outstanding Players

Sponsored by EBC King of the Coast Invitational May 16-17, 2015.  For more information, click on: http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/ebc-king-of-the-coast-invitational


8th Grade All-Tourney Team/ #BILAACAMP Invitees: Jishai Miller (Seattle Rotary), Noah Williams (Seattle Rotary/ #EBCSeattle MVP), Christian Zamora (Washington Elite/ #EBCSeattle Top Performer/ #WCEJrAA), Brock Ravet (Washington Elite), Jamon Kemp (Seattle Rotary/ #EBCSeattle Top Performer)

MVP: Jishai Miller (Seattle Rotary)



7th Grade All-Tourney Team/ #BILAACAMP Invitees: Sav’ell Smalls (Seattle Rotary/ #EBCSeattle Top Perfomer), Marjon Beauchamp (Seattle Rotary), Dominique Ellison (Team Blackout / #EBCSeattle MVP), Eloheim Johnson (Team Blackout / #EBCSeattle Top Performer), Maui Sze (Seattle Rotary)

MVP: Sav’ell Smalls (Seattle Rotary)

IMG_5083 IMG_5090

6th Grade All-Tourney Team: Jermaine Davis (Seattle Rotary), Shane Nowell (Seattle Rotary / #EBCSeattle Top Performer), John Christofilis (Seattle A+/ #EBCSeattle Top Performer), Jaden Bond (Seattle A+ / #EBC Seattle Top Performer), Paolo Banchero (Seattle Rotary / #EBCSeattle MVP, 2014 #BILAACAMP Top 5) 

MVP: Jermaine Davis (Seattle Rotary)



5th Grade All-Tourney Team: Kaden Hansen (Seattle Stars), Ethan Martin (Seattle Future), Braeden Smith (Seattle Stars / #EBCSeattle MVP), Malik Arrington (Seattle Stars / #EBCSeattle Top Performer), Hayden Dearie (Seattle Future)

MVP: Kaden Hansen (Seattle Stars)



4th Grade All-Tourney Team: Jaylin Stewart (Seattle Rotary), David Mack (Academy of Future Ballers (CA), 2014 #BILAACAMP), Jordan Clark (Seattle Rotary), Donald Bluitt (Academy of Future Ballers (CA), #Elite32 2014 MVP, 2013 #BILAACAMP)

MVP: Jaylin Stewart (Seattle Rotary)



3rd Grade All-Tourney Team: Noel Davis (Seattle Rotary/ #EBCSeattle Top Perfomer, 2014 #BILAACAMP Top 6), Casey Carlesimo (Seattle Stars), Jaylen Petty (Seattle Rotary), Tre Brown (Seattle Rotary/ #EBCSeattle), Katrelle Harmon (Seattle Stars)

MVP: Noel Davis (Seattle Rotary)



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