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WCE25 Colorado Tournament of Champions Recap

Colorado Tournament Events

The 2nd Annual WC25/WCECO Tournament of Champions played host to 44 middle school teams from California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.   The Colorado event gave us an opportunity to scout the local talent as well as neighboring state talent that will help us finalize our team rankings (culminating in Anaheim, CA on July 3-5 at the WCE25 Championship Event –  http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/championship) and the final roster invitations for the 3rd Annual Ballislife Junior All-American Camp taking place on July 31- August 3 – http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american . 

Our final impressions: The 2019 Class is loaded w/ talent. The Colorado Hawks and Billlups Elite are both Top 12 teams on the West Coast. The Oakland Rebels 2020 squad owns Colorado as they won the event for the 2nd time in a row and will certainly move up in our rankings. 2021 Billups Elite will improve on their Top 10 West Coast Ranking – more importantly for them, they play for a coach that will enhance their team and individual development. The 5th Grade New Mexico Dogs won it again to prove they are worthy of a Top 20 ranking on the West Coast. New Mexico fans were the loudest and proudest in Colorado. The 4th Grade Billups Elite is another team that showcased their talent and will move into the Top 10. A big shoutout to our partner and Tournament Director, Anson Ramiro, for putting on another great event that was only made more memorable by the Saturday “Blackout.”  We look forward to the 2016 3rd Annual WCE25 Colorado Tournament of Champions – http://www.coloradotourneys.com.  Team Scores and Results can be found at: https://scorbot.com/Games.aspx?tid=844



8th Grade Division Results / 12 Teams: #10 Billups Elite, #38 Colorado Hawks, New Mexico Dogs, Colorado Team Snow, Colorado Mile Bulldogs, Colorado Connect, Colorado Poudre, 303 Elite, Team Rock, Colorado Connect Elite, Jr. Wolves, Colorado Hornets Final Four: #10 Billups Elite vs New Mexico Dogs / #38 Colorado Hawks vs Colorado Connect Elite Championship Game:  #10 Billups Elite vs #38 Colorado Hawks

Champion: #38 Colorado Hawks (Top Ranked in Colorado and will move into WCE25 Top 10)

7th Grade Division Results/ 10 Teams: #11 Oakland Rebels, #36 Colorado Miners, #48 Colorado Hawks, Utah Select Red, 303 Elite, USA Pueblo, A-Town Ballers, High Level Hoops, New Mexico Dogs, Colorado Connect  Final 4:   New Mexico Dogs vs. #11 Oakland Rebels / #36 Colorado Miners vs #48 Colorado Hawks. Championship: #11 Oakland Rebels vs #36 Colorado Miners

Champion: #11 Oakland Rebels (will move into Top 10)


6th Grade Division Results / 8 Teams: #10 Billups Elite, #22 Utah Elite, #45 Utah Select ,Colorado Miners, Wyoming Flight, Patriots, Colorado Springs Elite, Wyoming G-Town Final Four: #10 Billups Elite vs Colorado Miners / #45 Utah Select vs #22 Utah Elite  Championship Game:  #10 Billups Elite vs #45 Utah Select

Champion: #10 Billups Elite


5th Grade Division Results / 7 Teams: #10 Utah Force, #37 Billups Elite, #46 New Mexico Dogs, 303 Elite, Colorado Hawks, Team USA, North Metro Ballers Final Four: #10 Utah Force vs #37 Billups Elite / #46 New Mexico Dogs vs North Metro Ballers Championship Game:  #46 New Mexico Dogs vs #10 Utah Force

Champion: #46 New Mexico Dogs (will break into Top 20 on future rankings)

4th Grade Division Results 6 Teams: #22 Billups Elite, #36 Utah Select Red, Colorado Connect, 303 Elite, North Metro Ballers, & Colorado Hawks Final Four: #36 Utah Select vs North Metro Ballers  / #22 Billups Elite vs Colorado Connect Championship Game:  #22 Billups Elite vs #36 Utah Select Red

Champion: #22 Billups Elite (Will move into Top 10 future rankings)


All-Tourney Team / MVPs

Sponsored by EBC King of the Coast Invitational May 16-17, 2015.  For more information, click on: http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/ebc-king-of-the-coast-invitational


8th Grade All-Tourney Team/ #BILAACAMP Invitees: Payton Egloff (Colordado Hawks), Ronnie Degray (Billups Elite), Bryce Matthews (Billups Elite), Kenny Foster (Colorado Hawks / 2014 #BILAACAMP Top 20), Jo Nelson  (Colorado Connect / 2014 #BILAACAMP Top 25)

MVP: Payton Egloff (Colorado Hawks)



7th Grade All-Tourney Team/ N/A (unfortunately, we were unable to catch the 7th Grade Sunday Games)

6th Grade All-Tourney Team: Jack Scott (Billups Elite), Jack Courneya (Utah Select / 2013-14 #BILAACAMP Top Performer, WCEJr.AA Top Performer), Jordan Toscano (Utah Elite), Myles Purchase (Billups Elite), DJ Pickford (Colorado Miners), Kobe Schriver (Utah Select / 2013-14 #BILAACAMP Top Performer, WCEJr.AA Top Performer)

MVP: Jack Scott (Billups Elite)



5th Grade All-Tourney Team: Jak’won Hill Hansen (New Mexico Dogs), Jaxson Kohler (Utah Force), Evan Young (Utah Force), Jaiden Flowers (Billups Elite), Chris Parra (New Mexico Dogs)

MVP: Jak’won Hill (NM Dogs)



4th Grade All-Tourney Team: Christian Hammond (Billups Elite), Brevin Hamblin (Utah Select), Beau Belnap  (Utah Select), Jason Richardson (Billups Elite), Rashawn Johnston (Billups Elite), Justin Courneya (Utah Select / 2013 #BILAACAMP) 


Upcoming Events


Visit Ballislife Camp Website for more information: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american


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