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3rd Annual WCE25 Phx Is Rising Arizona Event Recap


The 3rd Annual WCE25 Phx Is Rising Arizona Event kicked off the WCE25 Spring season with a bang.  102 teams middle school and high school teams from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming competed for a title in the desert.  The Phoenix event is one of the major events on the WCE25 circuit and plays a major role in the WCE25 rankings that culminate on July 3-5 at the WCE25 Championship Event –  http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/championship).


Our final impressions: The 2019 Riverside Matrix (California) team will go down as one of the All-Time WCE25 successful teams.  Their success run in Arizona included victories over  AZ Team Flight and Mile High Bulldogs (Colorado).  2020 Utah Hard Knox came in ranked #42, but with their championship victory, left Arizona with a pending Top 20 Ranking. Unranked 2021 Give N Go (Arizona) was the biggest surprise of the weekend.  They impressed during pool play and impressed more with their victory over #13 Big City Sports (California).  They will be in the Top 20 when we release our rankings later this week.   The #44 ranked 5th Grade Scottsdale Wolves is another Arizona team that will see a big jump in their ranking with their impressive run at the title.  Expect them to be ranked in the Top 25 when rankings are released. Last but not least, the 4th Grade #31 ranked Utah Select had a great 2nd showing in a WCE25 circuit event and will move into the Top 25 with their championship win in the desert.

We want to thank Bobbi and her entire Phx is Rising staff for hosting one of the Top Events in Arizona.

Team Scores and Results for the Phx Is Rising events can be found at:



8th Grade Gold Division Results / 24 Teams /  Final Four: AZ Mustangs (AZ) vs #23 Riverside Matrix / Mile High Bulldogs (Colorado) vs AZ Team Flight Championship Game:  #23 Riverside Matrix vs AZ Team Flight

Champion: Riverside Matrix (California)


8th Grade D2 Champs: Be Elite (Arizona)


8th Grade D3 Champs: AZ Magic


7th Grade Gold Division Results/  16 Teams/ Final Four:  East Valley Rebels vs #42 Utah Hard Knox/ #44 Tucson Roadrunners vs #22 AZ Diplomats Championship: #42 Utah Hard Knox vs #22 AZ Diplomats

Champion: Utah Hard Knox


7th Grade D2 Champions: AZ Ventura Vipers Black


6th Grade Gold Division Results / 12 Teams / Final Four: #1AZ Storm vs Give-N-Go / #13 Big City Sports vs GTown (Wyoming)  Championship Game:  #13 Big City Sports (CA) vs Give-N-Go

Champion: Give-N-Go (Arizona)


6th Grade Silver Champions: AZ Mustangs


5th Grade Division Results / 8 Teams / Final Four: # Scottsdale Wolves vs Tucson Heat / AZ Storms vs AZ Phenoms  Championship Game:  # Scottsdale Wolves vs #Az

Champion: Scottsdale Wolves


4th Grade Division Results: 8 Teams / Final 4: NM Heat Black vs #46 AZ Elite / #31 Utah Select vs #27 AZ Storms Championship Game:  NM Heat Black vs #31 Utah Select Red

Champion: Utah Select


Varsity Champions: Phx Soldiers (Rob)


JV Champions: AZ Power Gold


Freshman Champions: Ventura Vipers Black (14u)


All-Tourney Team / MVPs / 2015 BILAACAMP Invitees

Sponsored by #BILAA Camp July 31 – August 2, 2015.  For more information, click on: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american


8th Grade All-Tourney Team/ #BILAACAMP InviteesAnthony Holland (Riverside Matrix), Dre Dre Harris (AZ Team Flight), Jacob Edahl (AZ Mustangs), Davion Davis (Mile High Bulldogs), Pierce Sterling (Riverside Matrix), Bobby Oros (Riverside Matrix), Ryan Gilbourne (AZ Team Flight)


7th Grade All-Tourney Team: Jace Whiting (Utah Hard Knox), Xavier Dussell (AZ Diplomats), Joshua Baker (AZ Diplomats), Dallin Hall (Utah Hard Knox), Tyler Burke (Utah Hard Knox)


6th Grade All-Tourney Team: JD Klever (Give-N-Go),  Preston Skands (Big City Sports), Jackson Leyba (Give-N-Go), Nate Pickens (AZ Storm), Tony Elliot (Give-N-Go), Christian Bento (Big City Sports), Steven Deutsche (Big City Sports), Luke Hladky (G-Town Sports Wyoming)


5th Grade All-Tourney Team: Styles Phipps (AZ Phenom), Elijah Warner (Scottdale Wolves), Jake Flores (Tucson Heat), William Dubuc (Scottsdale Wolves), Emery Young (AZ Storm)


4th Grade All-Tourney Team: Justin Courneya (Utah Select), Brevin Hamblin (Utah Select), Donovan Arqueros (AZ Elite), Dylan Chavez (New Mexico Heat), Beau Belnap (Utah Select), Gabe Pickens (AZ Storm), Preston Lee (AZ Storm)IMG_6848

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