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EBC Norcal Camp Recap


The third edition of the EBC (Elite Basketball Circuit) camp took place in windy Oakland, California this past weekend.  The event managed and operated by Open Gym Premier featured the top middle school talent from Norcal.  Lead Trainer, Drake Walker (Open Gym Premier), and local coaches and trainers from Norcal led the talented group of players.  This third edition of the EBC camp series solidified Open Gym Premier’s reputation of successfully running the premier and ultimate player experience basketball camps with top talent on the West Coast.  In addition to the EBC camp series, Open Gym Premier operates the Ballislife Jr. All-American camp.


A special thanks to the following organizations for their support: Hawaii Heat, CV Hornets, Hotshots Elite, Oakland Soldiers, TTA, Cool Kids, 1440 Basketball, MVP Flight, Bay Area Mambas Bay City Basketball, ASA Prime, Mountain House Wolverines, Ground Up, Team Select Ford, EDH All Net, Scholars, Oakland PAL, Stockton Hoops, Vision Basketball Academy, Sacramento Yellow Jackets, Rocktown Ballers, Hoops Salem, Hollister Basketball Club, Bay Area Tar Heel, Baseline Basketball Club, Stanco Stampede, East Bay Nets, SAS Warriors, Norcal Spartans, City Stars, West Coast All-Stars, Team Superstar, Team Arsenal, Norcal Hub and Open Gym Premier.


Player Profiles and Evaluations:

Please visit: http://opengympremier.com/camps/ebc-norcal-2015-profiles


Top EBC Norcal Camp Performers

The Camp MVP, Class MVPs, Top Performers and Honorable Mentions will receive exclusive Ballislife Junior All-American Camp (July 31 – August 2, 2015) invitations.

Class of 2019 (8th Grade)

Camp MVP: Jaden McClanahan (Full Scholarship for Ballilisfe Junior All-American Camp)

2019 1st Team:  Jaden McClanahan, Will Chavrin, Tyler Woods, Ray Hawkins, Learic Spellman, Jovon McClanahan



2019 2nd Team: Junious Poole, Wrenn Robinson, Chance McMillian, Zac Johnson, Brenden Patrick


2019 3rd Team A:  Endigo Colemman, Shastha Ravi, Nikko Echalas, Jomel DeGuzman, Trent Stechschulte


2019 Honorable Mention: Miles Amos, Clayton Ingram, Khalid, Abouzeid, Anthony Blick,


Class of 2020 (7th Grade)

MVP: Kyree Walker

2020 1st Team: Kyree Walker, Devin Askew, Fred Burton, Robbie Beasley, Shemar Morrow, Jamir Thomas



2020 2nd Team: Jalen Scott, Dallas Rider, AJ McGee, Antonio Abeyta, Kaushai Bobba



2020 Third Team: Caleb Chiang, Devon Sapp, Arnav Arora, Isaiah Galloway, Donovan Sevilla


2020 Honorable Mention: Peyton Mullarkey, Keanu Estrella-Trujillo, Luke Westermeyer


Class of 2021 (6th Grade)

MVP: Noah Clifford

2021 1st Team: Noah Clifford, Miles Keefe, Davonne Sanders, Michael Mitchell, Jaden Phillips, Cody Linn



2021 2nd Team: Caden Flowers, Lee Hubbard, Bryce Smith, Ahmed Muhammad, Jeremy Lee


2021 3rd Team: Matthew Mata, Aidan Sevilla, Jeremiah Dargan, Cameron Walker, Taj Phillips


2021 Honorable Mention: Tommy Chavez, Solomon Ussery


5th Grade & Under

MVP: Benjamin Roseborough


2022 1st Team:  Benjamin Roseborough, Brandon Gibson Jr., Saad Waquia, Mason Hudnall, Isaiah Baptista, Elian Castillon



5th Grade 2nd Team: Myles Moore, Jaylen Hawkins, Kainoa Marasco, Shane Lew, Jude Debose


5th Grade & Under 3rd Team:  Jordan Asuncion, David Young, Ceferino Sacramento, Aidan Sevilla, Benito Ruiz


5th Grade & Under Honorable Mention:  Kevin Glad, Keahnu Leopoldo, Connor Sevilla, Myles Tala, Devin Lewis,


EBC Seattle High Character/Hustle Awards

Recipients: Trent Stechschulte  and Myles Moore

EBC SLAM DunK Champion:  Kyree Walker (video on @WCE25 Instagram


Media/Social Media

You can see the entire social media camp exposure on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by entering hashtag #EBCNorcal

  • Instagram: @WCE25, @OpenGymPremer
  • Twitter: @WCE25, @OpenGymPremier


EBC Camp Series

The next EBC Camp will take place in San Diego.



For more information on camp:

            Visit: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/ebc-san-diego

            Text: 310-502-0599

            Email: westcoastelite25@gmail.com

3rd Annual Ballislife Junior All-American July 31- August 2, 2015

 Visit: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american




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