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Final 6th Grade Rankings Preview Sponsored by Phx Is Rising 2015 Events


Final 6th Grade Team Rankings Preview

Please send ranking nominations to westcoastelite25@gmail.com or 310-502-0599

Final Rankings will be updated 7/17/2015

Updated 7/14/15

Elite 25

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. TBD
  6. Ground Up(Norcal)
  7. AZ Ventura Vipers Black (Arizona)
  8. Compton Magic (Socal)
  9. Fresno Next Level (Central CA)
  10. Inland Force Black (Inland Empire)
  11. Give-N-Go (Arizona)
  12. Big City Sports (Inland Empire)
  13. Vision Basketball Elite (Norcal)
  14. Notown Hurricanes (Central CA)
  15. SD Sabers Elite (San Diego)
  16. City Ballers (Socal)
  17. Frogg All-Stars (Socal)
  18. Colorado Lions (Colorado)
  19. MVP Flight Elite (Norcal)
  20. Alameda Scholars (Norcal)
  21. SGV Blue (Socal)
  22. DEG Warriors (Norcal)
  23. NLBC Black (Socal)
  24. AZ Storm (Arizona)
  25. Seattle Warriors (PNW)

Gold Division

  1. Utah Select (Utah)
  2. AZ Phenoms (Arizona)
  3. SD High Intensity (San Diego)
  4. Team Vegas (Nevada)
  5. Utah Prospects (Utah)
  6. PCH Teal (San Diego)
  7. Hoop Elite (Oregon)
  8. Washington Grizzlies (Washington)
  9. AZ Sol (Arizona)
  10. And 1 (San Diego)
  11. Bay Area Transition (Norcal)
  12. Oakland Pal (NorCal)
  13. Sacramento Yellow Jackets (Norcal)
  14. Team Fast (Oregon)
  15. Dominators Southbay (Socal)
  16. HD Basketball (Washington)
  17. 509 Elite (Washington)
  18. Utah Elite (Utah)
  19. Team Dojo (Socal)
  20. Socal Magic (Socal)
  21. North Metro Ballers (Colorado)
  22. Frey Basketball Academy (New Mexico)
  23. Socal Finest (Socal)
  24. Wyoming G-Town (Wyoming)
  25. Fresno Swoosh Elite (Central Ca)

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