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Open Gym Premier Fall Kickoff Recap

Fall Kickoff September 19-20, 2015

Fall Kickoff September 19-20, 2015

The 4th Annual Fall Kickoff hosted by Open Gym Premier kicked off the 5th season of the WCE25 middle school season.  The event featured played host to 108 middle school teams and 14 HS teams from across Los Angeles, Nevada and San Diego. The Kickoff Event plays a major role in the WCE25 rankings that will culminate on July 1-3 at the “Finals” Event!  For more info, visit http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/finals

The Final July 1-3, 2016

The Final July 1-3, 2016


Our Kickoff Event impressions: We saw plenty of 2020 Redshirts that will have a big impact on both team and player rankings.  We know many of you are quick to criticize this practice; however, we all have to keep in mind this practice has been going on for quite some time now and more importantly, these are still “boys” and not adults.  Therefore, let’s not be critical of these boys, always compete no matter the competition, and encourage our youth by being great role models and human beings.

The 2020 field was quite impressive and featured quite a few college prospects.  The 2020 Gold Winner, Compton Magic, featured quite an impressive lineup of Jordan Montgomery, Benjamin Todd, Evan Mobley, Brase Dottin, Noah Laurie, and Kickoff MVP, Jordan Montrose.  Compton Magic will move a few spots into the Top 8, but look for them to be a contender for the #1 spot this season.  SCA, now The Truth, was another team that had quite an impressive roster and will move into the Top 10.  Nationally ranked and Top 5 on West Coast, Johnny Juzang, continues to impress.  The Truth also featured one of the top 2020 guards on the West Coast, Yassine Gharram, out of San Diego as well as nationally known, Dillon Depina out of Los Angeles Valley.  We expect The Truth to be a top contender this year as well.  Other teams that impressed were #28 SPK, #44 Team Veritas and #47 Eastvale Ball Up.


Compton Magic 2020 14u Kickoff Gold Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: Yassine Gharram (The Truth), MVP Jordan Montrose (Compton Magic), Noah Laurie (Compton Magic), Jordan Montgomery (Compton Magic), Johnny Juzang (The Truth)


LA Elite / WC Kings 14U Silver Kickoff Champs!


PTBA 14u Bronze Kickoff Champs!

2021 was all Compton Magic.  Two Compton Magic teams made the final and for this, the Compton Magic team will debut at #25 in the upcoming rankings.


Compton Magic 13u Gold Kickoff Champs… earn Top 25 Ranking!


A-Team 13u Silver Kickoff Champs!


Open Gym Premier Black 13u Bronze Champs!

2022 featured #5 the Truth (formerly SCA/Southbay Dominators) who were tested by up and coming Bout That Basketball (will move into Top 25).  The field also included #19 SGV Blue, and a much improved #39 Open Gym Premier Elite team that will move into the Top 25.  Players that impressed most were MVP Jalen Vazquez and 6’2″ Christian Moore.  Both players will be featured as part of our upcoming 2022 Top 20 list.


The Truth 12U Gold Kickoff Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Jalen Vazquez (the Truth), Jacob Taylor (the Truth), Alie Donzo (Bout That Basketball), Yaqui Butler (Bout That Basketball), and Christian Moore (the Truth)


Open Gym Premier Blue 12u Silver Kickoff Champs!


Academy of Future Ballers 11u win 12u Bronze Kickoff Championship!

5th Grade Division would have been a showdown between #2 Academy of Future Ballers and #6 Dominators Green had AFB not played up.  Instead, the Dominators Green took care of business, but not before impressive performances by RSM, Open Gym Premier Black and up Runner-up Knockout.  Knockout is a team that earned a Top 50 ranking with their play.


Dominators Green 11u Kickoff Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Gavin Ibrahim (Dominators Green), Noah Williams (Team Knockout), Donald Bluitt (Dominators Green), Shaun Kowlessar Jr. (Team Knockout), Nathan Matterra (Dominators Green)

San Diego Warriors 11u Silver Champs! (no picture)

The 4th Grade Gold Division featured #9 Bout That Basketball, #12 SGV Blue and #13 JR. Hoops. Although there was a 3 team tie for 1st after pool play between the top 3 ranked teams, JR Hoops and SGV Blue advance to the Championship game on point differential.  SGV Blue Point Guard Robert Reyes appeared on his way to MVP honors as he led his team to a six point lead with less than two minutes to go. Unfortunately for SGV Blue, JR Hoops’ playmakers Ellis Spillman and Riley Haley still had some left in the tank.  With Spillman creating turnovers on the perimeter and controlling the ball on the offensive end, it gave Hale an opportunity to hit the game tying three at the regulation buzzer. In OT, both Spillman and Hale were too much for the SGV Blue team to overcome.  Although SGV Blue lost in the Championship and Bout That Basketball failed to make the championship game, both teams proved they will be Top 10 contenders all season long.  Congrats to Jr Hoops on their comeback championship win and for earning a Top 10 ranking! In the Silver Division, #45 Open Gym Premier Black earned a Top 25 Ranking by defeating #16 JW Basketball.


#13 Jr Hoops Kickoff Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Riley Hale (Jr Hoops), Robert Reyes (SGV Blue), Christian Majors (Jr Hoops), Isaiah Valenzuela (SGV Blue), Ellis Spillman (Jr Hoops)


Open Gym Premier Black 10u Silver Kickoff Champs!

9u featured #2 the Truth, #4 SGV Blue and #11 Jr Hoops.  Although the teams continue to impress, this division featured some nice young talent.  2015 8u #BILAACAMP  MVP Moses Wright continues to dominate the competition. However, MVP the Truth Guard Ardan Shendrikar and Jr Hoops Guard Christopher Komin are not too far behind.  Both Ardan and Christopher impressed with their ability to lead and compete.



EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Ardan Shendrikar (the Truth), Christopher Komin (Jr Hoops), Moses Wright (the Truth), Joseph Edwards (Jr Hoops) and Timmy Anderson (the Truth)

Dominators Black 9u Silver Champs! (not pictured)

We want to thank the Open Gym Premier staff for yet another great Kickoff Event.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Halloween Classic on October 24-25.

Event Info: http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/halloween-classic


EBC West

EBC West November 28-29, 2015

EBC West November 28-29, 2015

Visit Camp Website for more information:




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