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3rd Annual Ballislife Jr. All-American Camp 2019 Rankings




The 3rd Annual Ballislife Junior All-American Camp featured a large contingent of the top players in the country playing in front some of nation’s top skills trainers and coaches as well as National Media such as Matt Rodriguez from Ballislife (@mattballislife & @ballislife), Ty Kish from Middle School Hoops (@MSHoopsDotCom), Brian Hershman and John Egidio from Indihoops (@indihoops), Aaron Burgin from Full Time Hoops (@FullTimeHoops1), Ronnie Flores from CalHiSports.com (@RonMFlores), Westside Hoops TV (@westsidehoopstv) and of course WCE25 (@WCE25).

After reviewing the player notes from coaches/trainers and speaking to media in attendance, here are the Top 50 2019 Players based on their performance at the camp!


2019 3rd Annual Ballislife Junior-All-American Camp Top 6

KJ Franklin, Jaden Nielsen, Phaquon Davis, Elijah Scranton, Jarod Lucas, Isaiah Mobley


  • #1 Elijah Scranton/ Camp MVP (Lancaster, CA / The Truth – Paul Pierce): At 6’5″, Scranton is a skilled wing with a long and athletic frame.  Scranton played with supreme confidence throughout the weekend, dominated on both ends, and most impressive of all, he did not take any plays off.


  • #2 KJ Franklin (Los Angeles, CA / Earl Watson Elite): At 5′ 11″ and built like a  college football running back, Franklin is a high motor and explosive point guard that uses his build to punish defenders and create match-up problems for the defense.  He understands and plays the game very well on both ends – no surprise given that he spent time with Joe Abunassar’s Impact program.

EXPORT-1-20 3

  • #3 Isaiah Mobley (Murrietta, CA/ Compton Magic): At 6’8″, Mobley is a lengthy versatile player with an improved and balanced skill set that has already attracted  offers from such schools as UCLA & USC.  Many of the coaches that we spoke to raved about Mobley’s work ethic.

EXPORT-1-11 4

  • #4 Phaquon Davis (Anaheim, CA / Earl Watson Elite): At 5’9″, Davis is a fearless highly competitive athletic point guard.  Tough on ball defender and crafty and explosive on the offensive end.

EXPORT-1-31 3

  • #5 Jarod Lucas (Hacienda Heights, CA / Earl Watson Elite): At 6’2″, Lucas is skilled versatile combo guard that competes at a high level.  Fearless when attacking the rim and showed off an improved jumper.

EXPORT-1-7 2

  • #6 Jaden Nielsen (Salem Oregon/ Salem Hoop) : At 5’8″, the feisty point guard earned his Top 6 performance by knocking down several deep 3’s from way deep in the Top 20 game.  Another highly competitive guard!


  • #7 Jaime Jaquez (Camarillo, CA/ The Truth – Paul Pierce): At 6’4″, Jaquez is an excellent high energy and highly competitive athlete with an improved skillset.  Jaquez’ athletic skills were on full display as he placed 2nd in the slam dunk contest. Definitely one of the more intriguing players at the camp.

EXPORT-1-28 2-1

  • #8 Graham Cook (San Diego, CA/ San All-Stars): At 6’2″, Cook is a combo guard that is great on the open court and can and does compete on the defensive end. Cook had a tremendous Top 20 game and was just a few votes shy of Top 5 status.



  • #9 D’Maurian Williams (Phoenix, AZ/ AZ Alpha Males) At 6’5″, Williams is a high energy and athletic player that continues to show much improvement as he develops into his body.  Williams has the ability to score at all levels.


  • #10 Noah Williams (Seattle, WA/ Seattle Rotary) – At 6’2″, Williams is an athletic Guard that can drop dimes, block shots, rebound and drop a dunk on you when you least expect it.

EXPORT-1-11 3

  • #11 Jacob Ray (Los Angeles, CA/ City Stars) At 6’5″, Ray has excellent footwork in the paint that he very often will get what he wants.  Ray has also shown improvement in his all around game.  One of the more consistent and reliable players at the camp.


  • #12 Gianni Hunt (Los Angeles, CA/ Impact) At 6’1, Hunt displayed a tremendous feel for the game after putting in work with Impact’s Abunassar for the past 2 seasons. Hunt also demonstrated an improve outside game.

EXPORT-1-4 3

  • #13 Matt Bender (San Diego, CA/ Earl Watson Elite) At 6’7″, Bender is a physical low box presence on both ends.  Has shown tremendous development around the rim and also has the ability to step outside and hit from mid range.


  • #14 Jamon Kemp (Seattle, WA/ Seattle Rotary) At 6’4″, Kemp is an athletic Wing that can get to the basketball at will.  Excellent transition player that continues to develop  an all-around game each time we see him on the court.


  • #15 Drayton Caoile (Tigard, OR / ML20) At 5’10, Caoile is a nice ball handler with  excellent passing skills and vision in the open court.  One of the more highly competitive athletes at the camp.


  • #16 Kameron Ng (Honolulu, Hawaii/ Hawaii Raiders): At 5’5″, NG is a fierce competitive Point Guard who understands how to spread the floor.  NG has a dynamic cross-over dribble and excellent vision and passing skills.

EXPORT-1-17 3

  • #17 Kenny Foster (Aurora, CO / Colorado Hawks): At 6’4″, Foster is a skilled wing with solid foot work and body control.  Foster is rated as the top 2019 player in the state of Colorado.

EXPORT-1-1 2

  • #18 CJ Nnorom (Cave Creek, AZ / AZ Aces): At 5’10”, Nnorom is a Point Guard with a good combination of strength and speed.  


  • #19 Davion Gaines (Tacoma, WA / ACCESS) At 5’11”, Gaines thrives defensively, but also has a great knack for getting into the paint.  Tough and scrappy guard that will compete for everything on the court.


  • #20 RJ Veliz (Woodburn, OR/ Salem Hoop) At 6″1, Veliz is a combo guard with excellent range and an ability to get in the paint.


  • #21 Zion Richardson (Plano, TX/ Team Texas) 5’10” Guard


  • #22 Brendon Redford (Salt Lake City, UT / Utah Prospects) 6’3″ Wing


  • #23 Trent Brown (Scottsdale, CA) 5’9 Point Guard

EXPORT-1-30 3

  • #24 Jaedon Bowles (Denver, CO) 6’5″ Wing


  • #25 Brig Willard (Salt Lake City, UT/ Utah Prospects) 6’4 Wing

EXPORT-1-24 2

  • #26 Kobe Craig (Los Angeles, CA/ Earl Watson Elite) 6’6″ Wing

EXPORT-1-14 3

  • #27 Jared Brown (Orange County, CA/ Jr Hoops) 5’7″ Point Guard


  • #28 Cortez Finley (Los Angeles, CA) 5’10 Guard


  • #29 Andre Sepada (Greenly, CO/ Colorado WAR) 5′ 7″ Point Guard


  • #30 Christian Rose (San Diego, CA/ SD Next Generation) 6’5 Wing

EXPORT-1-31 4

  • #31 Learic Spellman (Oakland, CA / Oakland Soldiers) 6’3 Forward


  • #32 Sterling Wilson (Phoenix, AZ/ AZ Alpha Males) 5’10 Guard


  • #33 Jackson Davis (Plano, TX / Team Texas) 5’10 Guard



  • #34 Daniel Combs (Hayward, CA / East Bay Nets) 6’3″ Wing


  • #35 Nicquel Blake (Las Vegas, NV / Vegas Elite Premier) 5’8 Guard


  • #36 Ethan Cashion (Phoenix, Arizona/ AZ Alpha Males) 6’1″ Wing

EXPORT-1-27 3

  • #37  Neil Owens (Pasadena, CA/ BTI) 5’8 Guard


  • #38 Dorian Stewart (Los Angeles, CA/ City Stars) 5’7 Point Guard


  • #39 Chase Hettinger (Castle Rock, CO/ Colorado Hawks) 6’2″ Wing


  • #40 Rage Abdullah (Phoenix, AZ/ AZ Alpha Males) 5’10 Guard


  • #41 Endigo Coleman (Newark, CA/ East Bay Nets) 5’7″ Point Guard


  • #42 Dre Harris (Phoenix, AZ/ AZ Team Flight) 6’5″ Forward



  • #43 Wes Clarkson (San Gabriel, CA/ BTI) 6’3″ Wing


  • #44 Chance McMillan (Vallejo, CA/ Pride Basketball) 5’7 Guard



  • #45 Ryan Gilburne (Phoenix, AZ/ AZ Team Flight) 5’9″ Guard


  • #46 Jared Kincade (Mesa, AZ/ AZ Alpha Males) 6’3″ Forward


  • #47 Ashton Sharma (San Dimas, CA/ Impact) 6’0 Wing


  • #48 DesJuan Williams (Kansas City, MO/ KC Jayhawks) 5’7″ Guard


  • #49 Malike Crawford (Los Angeles, CA) 6’0 Guard
  • IMG_4832


  • #50 Domanic Safarta (San Diego, CA/ Christian Pirates) 5′ 7″ Point Guard



Grades 2-7 will be released over the course of the next few weeks as we get ready for our first camp of the season – EBC West November 28-29, 2015 at Open Gym Premier!

EBC Camp Series

EBC West November 28-29, 2015

EBC West November 28-29, 2015

For more information on camp:

            Visit: http://opengympremier.com/camps/elite-basketball-circuit

            Text: 310-502-0599

            Email: westcoastelite25@gmail.com


Player Profiles 

Players profiles are up on the Open Gym Premier website.  Click on Picture Below.



You can see the entire social media camp exposure on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by entering hashtag #BILAACAMP

  • Instagram: @WCE25, @OpenGymPremer
  • Twitter: @WCE25, @OpenGymPremier


4th Annual Ballislife Junior All-American July 29-31, 2016

 Visit: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american




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