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4th Annual Halloween Classic at Open Gym Premier Recap


The 4th Annual Halloween Classic #OGPClassic hosted by Open Gym Premier featured not only some of the top boys teams from Socal, Nevada, San Diego as well teams from as far away as Calgary, Canada (CYDC), but it kicked off Open Gym Premier’s venture into hosting girls events.  In addition to adding Girls to the event, Open Gym Premier partnered with Ballislife and Eastbay to host the #EastbayFunkDunk contest.  The Halloween Classic will play a major role in the upcoming rankings that will lead into one of the major national events in the country – the Winter Challenge 3 Day event taking place on December 18-20, 2015 at Open Gym Premier.  For more info, visit http://opengympremier.com/services/tournaments/winter-challenge

December 18-20, 2015

December 18-20, 2015



Our Halloween Event impressions: 2020 The Truth – Paul Pierce teams are talented, but still need to improve as a team – which we expect will happen once they combine their talent currently spread across 3 teams.  Kings Academy coach Matt Mazarei and Open Gym Premier coach Juaquin Hawkins are some of the top youth coaches on the West Coast.  Both get the most of out of their players and manage specific game situations very well.  The 2021 Compton Magic team continues to show improvement – not a good sign for their opponents.  2020 Aidan Prukop (5 on Five), 2021 Malik Thomas (The Truth – Paul Pierce), and 2022 Christian Moore (The Truth – Paul Pierce)  are ballers!


The 2020 field featured a very talented field.  The 2020 Gold winner, The Truth Paul Pierce, will debut at #10 on WCE25 Rankings after winning the Halloween Classic. The Kings Academy, with the addition of Yassine Gharram, will move into the the Top 20 after taking #10 into OT in the championship game.  Game Time Elite won the 15u Division and will receive Top 12 consideration.  Earl Watson Elite played well enough to receive Top 25 consideration. SGV Blue and Socal Warriors will be hard to ignore as Top 50 teams.


The Truth Paul Pierce 2020 14u #OGPKickoff Gold Champs!

EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Dillon Depina (The Truth), Keith Dinwiddie (The Truth), Yassine Garrahm (Kings Academy), Jack Zhao (Kings Academy), Aidan Prukop (5 on Five), Johnny Juzang (The Truth)



5 on Five 14U Silver #OGP Classic Champs!


San Diego Bulldogs 14u Silver 2 #OGPClassic Champs!


Socal Spartans 14u Bronze #OGPClassic Champs!

2021 was all Compton Magic – AGAIN. The Truth, Earl Watson Elite and Elite Sports club will all make their way into the Top 25.  NLBC also proved to be a Top 30 worthy team.


Compton Magic 13u Gold #OGPClassic Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Arthur Kaluma (Compton Magic), Malik Thomas (The Truth), Jaden Byers (Compton Magic), Ben Shtolzberg (Earl Watson Elite), George Ochoa (Be Elite Sports Club)


5 on Five 13u Silver #OGPKickoffClassic Champs!


JW Basketball 13u Bronze 1 #OGPClassic Champs!


Campus Basketball 13u Bronze 2 #OGPClassic Champs!

2022 featured 4 teams in our WCE25 Top 25 rankings (LA Bobcats/The Truth, SGV Blue, Open Gym Premier and Bout That Basketball) as well some teams pushing for a Top 25 Ranking – Earl Watson Elite and SCV Next Level.  LA Bobcats/The Truth won the championship, but Bout That Basketball managed to win a pool game from them that will likely vault them into the Top 10.  Christian Moore (LA Bobcats/The Truth) was dominant and has a chance to be a national player.


The Truth/LA Bobcats 12U Gold #OGPClassic Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Christian Moore (the Truth/LA Bobcats), Alie Donzo (Bout That Basketball), Rudy Brown (Open Gym Premier), Everett Bryson (SCV Next Level), Jacob Taylor (the Truth/LA Bobcats)


Open Gym Premier Blue 12u Silver #OGPKickoff Champs!


PTBA 12u Bronze 1 #OGPClassic Championship!


Maharlika win 12u Bronze 2 #OGPClassic Championship!

5th Grade Division winner CAVS are back and bidding for the #1 Ranking!  The CAVS managed a 5-0 record on their way to championship over up and coming Team Determined from the Inland Empire – a team that will make its Top 25 debut in our next rankings release.


CAVS 11u #OGPClassic Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: Dylan Metoyer (CAVS), Messiah McTeer (Team Determined), Jayce McDonald (CAVS), Sydni Summers (Team Determined), Jonas de Krassel (CAVS)


RSM Ballers 11u Silver #OGPClassic Champs!


Maharlika 11u Bronze #OGPClassic Champs!

The 4th Grade Gold Division featured 2 teams in the Top 25 (Bout That Basketball and Open Gym Premier Black) as well up and coming Team Determined (Inland Empire).  #10 Bout That Basketball managed a championship, but Team Determined made a case for a Top 25 ranking with their runner-up finish.


Bout That Basketball 10u Gold #OGPClassic Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Souljah Niles Bey (Bout That Basketball), Anthony Bates (Team Determined), David Sarabia (Bout That Basketball), Chase Nelson (Team Determined), Sergio Delano (Bout That Basketball)


SCV Next Level 10u Silver #OGPClassic Champs!


CAVS 10u Bronze #OGPClassic Champs!

9u featured #2 the Truth, SGV Blue, West Coast Select (Nevada), Bout That Basketball, LN Bruins and Bout That Basketball.  With another championship, The Truth seems ready to for a rematch against #1 Sacramento Yellow Jackets.  Bout That Basketball runner-up finish will get them into the Top 10.


The Truth 9u Gold #OGPClassic Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Moses Wright (The Truth), Muhammed Butler (Bout That Basketball), Janna Holley (Bout That Basketball), Ardan Shendrikar (The Truth), Jaden Erami (SGV Blue), Angelino Mark (The Truth)


Vegas Panthers 9u Silver #OGPClassic Champs! 


SCV Next Level 8u #OGPClassic Champs!


EBC All-Tourney Team: MVP Earl Bryson (SCV Next Level), Evan Rivas (Veritas), Kenyen Andrews (SCV Next Level), Ethan Sushinsky (SCV Next Level), Tristan Partida (Veritas)


2020 Game Time Elite wins 15u #OGPClassic!


CYDC Calgary, Canada wins 16u #OGPClassic !


CABC wins Varsity #OGPClassic !

Girls Division Winners


10u SGV Black 4th Grade #OGPClassic Girls Champs!


11u Wolfpack 5th Grade #OGPClassic Girls Champs


12u Wolfpack 6th Grade #OGPClassic Girls Champs!


13u Lady Heat 7th Grade #OGPClassic Girls Champs!

EBC West

EBC West November 28-29, 2015

EBC West November 28-29, 2015

Visit Camp Website for more information:




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