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Updated 5th Grade Rankings – Cavs earn #1 WCE25 Ranking!

5th Grade Final Team Rankings 

Updated 1/21/16


CAVS win Open Gym Premier Winter Challenge to Earn #1 WCE25 Ranking! 

Elite 25

  1. CAVS (Socal)
  2. Oakland Rebels Black (Norcal)
  3. Oakland Pal Blue (Norcal)
  4. ARC (Socal)
  5. Seattle Rotary Blue (Washington)
  6. IEBP (Inland Empire)
  7. West Coast All-Stars (Norcal)
  8. The Truth (Socal)
  9. Jamtown (Norcal)
  10. City Ballers (Socal)
  11. Academy of Future Ballers (Socal)
  12. SF Rebels (Norcal)
  13. Dominators Green (Socal)
  14. Billups Elite (Colorado)
  15. Dynasty Elite (PNW)
  16. Utah Elite (Utah)
  17. West Coast Select (Nevada)
  18. SD Seals (San Diego)
  19. Team DTermined (Inland Empire)
  20. AZ Storm Black (Arizona)
  21. RSM Ballers (Socal)
  22. AZ Phenoms (Arizona)
  23. Bay City Black (Norcal)
  24. New Mexico Heat Black (New Mexico)
  25. Colorado Connect Elite (Colorado)

Gold 25

  1. FOH (Washington)
  2. EDH/PSB (NorCal)
  3. Team Nikos Black (Socal)
  4. Flight Elite Black (Norcal)
  5. Vegas Elite Premier (Nevada)
  6. Team Legacy (Arizona)
  7. Seattle Future (Washington)
  8. Dream Vision (Norcal)
  9. Cypress (Utah)
  10. SD Sharks (San Diego)
  11. AZ Huskies (Arizona)
  12. Ground-Up (Norcal)
  13. Utah Chaos (Utah)
  14. Dream Vision (Norcal)
  15. Fast (Oregon)
  16. Utah Select (Utah)
  17. Give N Go (Arizona)
  18. Dominators Black (Socal)
  19. Elite Sports Academy (Washington)
  20. WTX Triple Threat (New Mexico)
  21. ABA (Washington)
  22. Surprise Attack (Arizona)
  23. SGV Blue (Socal)
  24. AZ Elite (Arizona)
  25. T25 Team Vegas (Nevada)
  26. T25 Pasadena Elite (Socal)

3 Comments on “Updated 5th Grade Rankings – Cavs earn #1 WCE25 Ranking!”

  1. SP January 22, 2016 at 11:02 am #

    The All-net /PSB team is being slighted here. They have beaten all the Oakland Rebels teams Black, Red, Blue and White 8-0 without a loss. Jamtown #9 team had the Oakland PAL team down by 4 with 2 minutes to go despite them using 12U players. Who is the West Coast All-Stars from NorCal? Team has played all comers all over NorCal and never heard of them?? Maybe they changed their name or sponsor?

  2. brian February 4, 2016 at 12:17 pm #

    The Rankings need to be changed. Cavs lost, Oakland rebels lost, PAL lost.

  3. girlsugar February 20, 2016 at 3:51 pm #

    I’m curious as to why the SF Rebels is still ranked 12? SF REBELS beat the Cavs and Oakland Rebels blk!

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