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2nd Annual #EBCArizona Camp Recap



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Quality instruction over everything. #EBCArizona

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Top EBC Arizona Performers
The Camp MVP, Class MVPs, Top Performers and Honorable Mentions will receive exclusive 4th Annual Ballislife Junior All-American Camp (July 29 – July 31, 2016) invitations.

Special thanks to Powerhandz & Deuce for sponsoring the MVP and Top 5 Performers!

Camp Photo Gallery

Pictures from #EBCArizona are posted! Click to see action from both the camp & invitational. http://bit.ly/1AmtsFy



Class of 2020 (8th Grade):

Camp MVP: Nico Mannion


2020 1st Team:   Eric Blackwell, Demetrius Edwards, Isaiah Floyd, Za-Ontay Boothman, Kalil Simmons

2020 2nd Team: Tyson Legner, Kimani Holt, Bryson Stephens, Nahson Harper, Dominique Newsom


2020 3rd Team:  DeAndre Henry, Chance Garland, Tyrese Rogers, Joseph Garza, Hunter Ruck (not pictured)


2020 4th Team: Charlie Curtis, Jacob Trujillo, Nicholas Kaye, Josiah Turner, Devin Andreas, Zac Shumaker, Artan Mariano


Class of 2021 (7th Grade):

MVP: Tyrone Washington



2021 1st Team: Ricardo Sarmiento, Michael Parris, Brady Ramon, Derick Kaps, Isaiah Freeney


2021 2nd Team: Adrian Galindo, Devin Lewis, Wyatt Bell, Brady Ramon, Unisa Turay

2021 Third Team: Brett Hardt, Nate Pickens, Carter Van Hammond, Trenton McLaughlin, Colton Jett


2021 4th Team: Ayden Hoyt, Cody Blumenthal, Andrew Hinkle (not pictured), Braeden Hoffman (not pictured), Riley Fornette, Jacob Begay

Class of 2022 (6th Grade):

MVP: Deotis Nunn



2022 1st Team: Michael Dienes, Abraham Rangel, Justice Torres, Brandon Lee, Garrison Sherman

2022 2nd Team: Ryan Tertel, Shamar Moore (not pictured), Arman Madi, Oakland Fort (not pictured), Orlando Gonzales

2022 3rd Team : Trenton Lavender, Trent Frazier, Damon Palma, Chris Darrah, Mabahi Baker, True Washington

Class of 2023 (5th Grade):

MVP: Vincent Delano



5th Grade 1st Team: Gabe Pickens, Landon Shumaker, Andrew Camacho, AJ Marsh, Emery Young


5th Grade 2nd Team: Leonard Romayor Jr, Anthony Meng (not pictured), LJ Martin, Preston Lewis, Isaac Kaps

5th Grade 3rd Team: Brady Hutchings, James Rodriguez, Erick Carrillo, Noah Gift, Preston Lee


Class of 2024 (4th Grade):

MVP: Bobby Rodriguez



4th Grade 1st Team: Ben Rosenberg, Bryce Quinet, Jeremiah Thomas, Isaiah Smith, Ayden Madi (not pictured)

4th Grade 2nd Team: Dylan Novak, Jordan Lee, Dalton Dunnett, Carsten Fuller, Andrew Padilla

4th Grade Honorable Mention: Alvin Hanks & Dyland Mulumba



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EBC Camp Series

For more information on camp:

Visit: http://opengympremier.com/camps/elite-basketball-circuit

Text: 310-502-0599

Email: westcoastelite25@gmail.com

4th Annual Ballislife Junior All-American July 29-31, 2016

Visit: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american



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