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EBC Norcal Invitational Recap






Based on EBC Norcal Invitational Results from February 21, 2016


4th Grade

  • Oakland Soldiers
  • Vision Elite
  • Team Select Garcia
  • Norcal Press

4th Grade All-Invitational Team: Co-MVPs:  Mike Lewis & Fedrick Pernell (Oakland Soldiers), Angelo Torres & Jasiah Douglas (Vision Elite), Jordan Howell (Norcal Press), James Moore & Elijah Warren (Team Select)


5th Grade

  • Jamtown
  • Proskills Basketball EDH
  • Hawaii Heat
  • Matt Barness Elite
  • Procity
  • Oakland Rebels
  • Team Rampage
  • Pride Basketball


5th Grade All-Invitational Team: Courtney Anderson (Jamtown), Ryan Beasley (Jamtown), Isaiah P (Jamtown), Nathan Johnson (Proskills EDH), David Young (Proskills EDH), Jaylen Hawkins (Proskills EDH), Jameel Pongyan (Matt Barnes Elite)


6th Grade



      1. Flight Elite
      2. Sacramento Yellow Jackets
      3. Team Esface
      4. Vision Elite
      5. Oakland Rebels
      6. Oakland PAL
      7. Team Select Ford
      8. Chuck Hayes Basketball (Fantazia)

6th Grade All-Invitational Team:  Co-MVPs: Jeremiah Dargan & Jared McCain (Flight Elite), Aiden Burke (Team Esface), Dareon Collins (Yellow Jackets), Jacob Young (Yellow Jackets), Robel Zemmo (Oakland Rebels), Jalen Newhouse (Oakland PAL), Gabriel Patrick (Vision Elite)



7th Grade


      1. Vision Savages
      2. Oakland PAL
      3. Norcal Spartans
      4. Fresno Next Level
      5. D EG Warriors
      6. Sacramento Yellow Jackets
      7. Stanco Stampede
      8. Eastbay Nets

7th Grade All-Invitational Team: Co-MVPs Ausar Mosiah & Amen Mosiah (Vision Savages), Darnell Naeole (Fresno Next Level), Davionne Sanders (Oakland PAL), Malik Merchant (Oakland PAL), Thurman Erickson (Norcal Spartans)


8th Grade




    1. Norcal Spartans
    2. Oakland Soldiers
    3. Bay Area Mambas
    4. Oakland PAL
    5. Team Rampage
    6. Team Select Fox


    8th Grade All-Invitational Teams: MVP DeShawn Lynch (Norcal Spartans), Jerrald Cummings (Norcal Spartans), Lixon Miller, Kyree Walker (Oakland Soldiers), Jamar Marshall (Bay Area Mambas), Kaushal Bobba (Bay Area Mambas)



    All-Invitational Team Players Earned Invitations to 4th Annual Ballislife Junior All-American Camp at Open Gym Premier  (July 29-31, 2016)!  If you did not receive your invite, contact westcoastelite25@gmail.com for camp invite info!

    Click Here for Camp Info












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