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2nd Annual EBC Norcal Camp Recap

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Chase what you love. 🏀#EBCNorCal

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Top EBC Norcal Performers
The Camp MVP, Class MVPs, Top Performers and Honorable Mentions will receive exclusive 4th Annual Ballislife Junior All-American Camp (July 29 – July 31, 2016) invitations.

Special thanks to Powerhandz, Deuce, and Lock Up Gear for sponsoring the MVP Top 5 Performers, Hustle and Defensive Player Top Peformers!


Class of 2020 (8th Grade):

Camp MVP: Devin Askew


2020 1st Team:   Kyree Walker, Shemar Morrow, Fred Burton, Kendall MunsonDeShawn Lynch


2020 2nd Team: Jamir Thomas , Antonio Abeyta H, Caleb Chiang, Anthony Yu, Jamar Marshall


2020 3rd Team:  Jacob Minty, Brahjon Johnson (not pictured), Evan Johnson, Reid Little, Jackson Canady

2020 4th Team: Ethan Fletcher, Jerrell Blackmon, Jayelen Jones, Tyler Christianson , Jai Deshpande, Ryan Pescherine

Class of 2021 (7th Grade):

MVP: Dimitrios Stragalinos




2021 1st Team: Miles Keefe, Caden Flowers, Sione Lose, Kenechi, Onuaguluchi, Michael Mitchell



2021 2nd Team: Kyle Schilling, Houston Mallette, Cameron Walker, Logan Robles , Trenton McGaughey

2021 Third Team: Bryce Smith, Isaiah Whyte, Austin Moore, Taj Phillips, Jadyn Marshall, Ryan Chavez


2021 4th Team: Tyson Weatherabee, Jonathon Ko, Cody Lynn, Hamiel Tiongco, Devin Arnold


2021 Honorable Mention: Nikko Rodgriguez, Spencer Lin (not pictured), Hunter Ropelato, Ray Wang, Gabriel Witkin, Ethan Miller, Nathan Greenfield, Shan Ramachandran , Beau Blackmon

Class of 2022 (6th Grade):

MVP: Jeremiah Dargan





2022 1st Team: Aiden Mahaney, Tariq Johnson, Tyler Dutto, James Frye, Andre Warren

2022 2nd Team: Logan Carter, Ellis Keefe (not pictured), Paul Verdickt, Bradley Nestal, Kevin Gad, Darius Smith (not pictured)


Class of 2023 (5th Grade):

MVP: Devin Lewis



5th Grade 1st Team: Saad Waquia, Yaqub Mir, Isaiah Chandavong, Kam Fumiano, David Young


5th Grade 2nd Team: Anthony Moisant, Ryan Corpus, Damarkus Cummings, Jayden Barnes, Xavion Bell, Dean Perry

Class of 2024 (4th Grade):

MVP: Kainoa Marasco



4th Grade 1st Team: Jackson Young, Ben Roseborough, Timothy Greenfield, Kellen Hampton, Aiden Triplet

4th Grade 2nd Team: Xion Nichols, Skylar Redwood, Jayden Robinson, Makai Diouf, Cole Epperson

4th Grade Honorable Mention: Christopher Dofiles, Deshawn Usochu, Eddie Gonzalez, Roy Bishop Jr.


Class of 2025 (3rd Grade):


MVP: Mike Lewis



3rd Grade 1st Team: Fedrick Pernell , Jordan Askew, Marcus Washington, Isaiah Kennedy, Zeke Davis (not pictured), Valentino Fierros

3rd Grade 2nd Team:  DeAndre Perteete (not pictured), Jaylen Arnold, ,Isaiah Davis, Landon Yeargin, Jalan Cody


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Appreciate @hawaii.heat …Great Group #EBCNorcal ・・・ 🏀🔥HAWAII HEAT BOYZ🔥🏀 at EBC CAMP with Julio @wce25 thank you for an awesome experience for our boys… Much Live and Aloha!!! The Hawaii Heat OHANA!! #wce25 #family #ohana #basketball #training #work #hardwork #hawaii #heat @wce25 @opengympremier @indihoops 🔥🏀🔥🏀🔥🏀🏀🏀🔥🏀🏀🏀🔥💚💚💚💚 @smith_qb7 @sh8ndzl32 @mamatrip66 @stickboy264 @alew24 @samkhutch @zayezaye11 @cathy_cat_cat @shahboom @talfstad @trev_alfstad @maiinsta00 @jenblackwood4 @jmichellefitnes @jperry2413aolcom @mark_blackwood @rgi82 @haynkid12 @darontaye @tomt2tran @maiinsta00 @mhdrops_dimes @avp_hollywood @hui_alliance @rgi82 @makaio50 @youngmaraskiii @coachj916 @slskillsfactory @p0nis @edka916

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EBC Camp Series

For more information on camp:

Visit: http://opengympremier.com/camps/elite-basketball-circuit

Text: 310-502-0599

Email: westcoastelite25@gmail.com

4th Annual Ballislife Junior All-American July 29-31, 2016

Visit: http://opengympremier.com/services/camp/bil-all-american



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