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Updated 9u Team Rankings

3rd Grade (Class of 2025) 

Updated 3/21/16


Seattle Stars win Portland Adidas Hoopsource! 


  1. Sacramento Yellow Jackets (Norcal)
  2. Seattle Rotary Style Blue (Washington)
  3. Seattle Stars (Washington)
  4. CBC Wolfpack (Socal)
  5. Team MVP (Oregon)
  6. Oakland Soldiers Navy (Norcal)
  7. Open Gym Premier Black (Socal)
  8. The Truth (Socal)
  9. Oakland Rebels (Norcal)
  10. Team Dojo (Socal)
  11. CAVS (Socal)
  12. Dominators (Inland Empire)
  13. SGV Blue (Socal)
  14. Hype (Washington)
  15. FBA (New Mexico)
  16. Team Nikos Black (Socal)
  17. Port City (Norcal)
  18. Boise Hoop Dreams (Idaho)
  19. Team DTermined (Inland Empire)
  20. Junior Hoops (Socal)
  21. Phenom Elite (Socal)
  22. Real Run (Socal)
  23. Team Blackout (Washingont)
  24. ABA (PNW)
  25. FAST (Oregon)

Gold Division

  1. Flight Force (New Mexico)
  2. Yorba Linda Stampede (Socal)
  3. AZ Storm Black (Arizona)
  4. Dune Citi (Socal)
  5. Socal Elite (Socal)
  6. West Coast Select (Nevada)
  7. Bay Area Battlecats (Norcal)
  8. Team Nikos White (Socal)
  9. Vision/Dean (Norcal)
  10. Team Fly (PNW)
  11. Shepard Sports (Socal)
  12. Jus Bal (Socal)
  13. Bout That Basketball (Socal)
  14. Anacortes AAU (Washington)
  15. Seattle Rotary Black (Washington)
  16. Socal Warriors (Socal)
  17. Vegas Panthers (Nevada)
  18. Alameda Vipers (Norcal)
  19. IBA (Socal)
  20. Oregon Swish (Oregon)
  21. Oakland Pal (Norcal)
  22. Local Hoops (Washington)
  23. IBA (Socal)
  24. AZ Lil Soldierz (AZ)
  25. Bay Area Eagles (Norcal)


One Comment on “Updated 9u Team Rankings”

  1. DAD April 14, 2016 at 9:15 am #

    The best individual players are not being recognized here unless their team wins the championship games. That is not fair. I observed some exceptional scoring and defense on another team that should have won all of their games this past weekend. There is a player on Bout That Basketball that is the fastest and biggest threat on the floor no matter who they play. #33. He should be on the radar and ranked.

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