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#AdidasPrezDay Day 1 Recap

PORTLAND, OR – With over 400 national level teams competing on Day 1 of the Adidas President’s Day tournament, there was plenty of eye opening action to take in at the Pacific Northwest’s biggest tournament of the year hosted by Hoopsource.

Here is a recap of the Top Divisions at each grade level:

*** Listed Rankings are based on Grassroots 365 West Coast Rankings

2nd Grade (Class of 2027)

6 Teams:

Pool A: #1 RMG Elite (Norcal), #17 Local Hoops (PNW), Lil Avengers

Pool A: #4 Sacramento Yellow Jackets (Norcal), West Linn (PNW), Grandview

There were no surprises in the first day. G365s #1 Ranked RMG Elite & #4 Ranked Sacramento Yellow Jackets each won their pools and appear the likely favorites to meet in Monday’s championship game.

3rd Grade (Class of 2026)

5 Teams:

1 Pool: #3 RMG Elite (Norcal), #12 Sacramento Yellow Jackets (Norcal), #16 PDX Ballers (PNW), Team Fly (PNW), Idaho Elite (PNW)

The biggest surprise here is the 2-0 #16 PDX Ballers in command of the #1 Seed heading into Sunday’s final pool day. Even if the PDX Ballers fall short, they would have done enough to earn a Top 10 G365 Rankings by end of the tournament.

4th Grade (Class of 2025)

20 Teams: Current Standings

Pool A: #7 Sacramento Yellow Jackets (Norcal), #8 Vegas Elite (MW), NY Gauchos, #12 Team Dojo (Socal)

Pool B: #6 Jr Hoops (Socal), #2 MVP Elite (PNW), #13 Seattle Stars (PNW), FA Heat

Pool C: #16 SRV (PNW), Oakland Rebels (Norcal), Team D-Termined (Socal), HD Basketball (PNW)

Pool D: #11 West Coast Select (MW), 509 Insanity Flames (PNW), Team Fly (PNW), NW Panthers (PNW)

Pool E: Idaho Elite (PNW), #23 Nike Next Up, West Linn (PNW), Local Hoops (PNW) – all 1-1
Day 1 brought no surprises. The top seeds lead their respective pools. The Seattle Stars, Team Dojo, and the NY Gauchos all look to Saturday to bounce after a winless Day 1. The Oakland Rebels will look to Saturday to prove they are part of elite groups of teams able to compete for a championship.

5th Grade (Class of 2024)

20 Teams: Current Standings

Pool A: NY Gauchos, #23 Vegas Elite (MW), #13 Bout That Basketball (Socal), FA Heat

Pool B: #8 Colorado Hawks (MW), #10 Seattle Stars (PNW), #19 Demo Prep (PNW), Hoop Dreams (PNW)

Pool C: Billups Elite (MW), MAC Black (PNW), Local Hoops (PNW), 253 Venim (PNW)

Pool D: Utah Hard Knox (MW), SRV (PNW), Tacoma Panthers (PNW), Hawaii Heat (Norcal)

Pool E: Power Play Hoops, Team Fly (PNW), Oakland Rebels (PNW), Nike Next Up (PNW)

Day 1 was the day the Mountain West Region made its name. The Colorado Hawks, Billups Elite, Utah Hard Knox and Vegas Elite combined to go 7-0 on Day 1. The five teams will look to knock off East Coast Titan – the New York Gauchos.

6th Grade (Class of 2023)

28 Teams: Current Standings

Pool A: Team Takeover, #6 Dynasty Elite (PNW), #10 West Coast Select (MW), #2 City Ballers (Socal)

Pool B: #13 ARC (Socal), NY Gauchos, #9 Vegas Elite (MW), #5 West Coast All-Stars (Norcal)

Pool C: Riverside Hawks (NY), #15 Oakland Rebels Black (Norcal), #4 Team DTermined (Socal), #17 Billups Elite (MW)

Pool D: Bay Area Clippers (Norcal), #29 SD Seal Team (Socal), Boise Slam Green (PNW), Seattle Select Warriors (PNW)

Pool E: #16 AZ Storm Black (SW), #12 NW Panthers Red (PNW), TJ Ford Elite (Texas), Team Flash

Pool F: FOH Blue (PNW), Matt Barnes Elite (Norcal), Team Layup (PNW), Clackmas Cavs (PNW)

Pool G: Sac Hoyas (PNW), #23 Team Nikos Elite (Socal), ABA Elite (PNW), Local Hoops (PNW)

Day 1 crushed many of top seeds. #2 City Ballers, #10 West Coast Select, #5 West Coast All Stars will look to bounce back after an 0-1 start. #17 Billups Elite had an 0-2 Day 1, but are arguably playing in the toughest pool. AZ Storm Black appear in good shape to win their pool and are representing the SW region very well. A couple of unraked teams, the Bay Area Clippers and FOH Blue went to 2-0 and will continue to push for Top 25 recognition. The Sac Hoyas had 1-0 start and should compete for the championship after playing #3 (possibly #1 in the March Rankings) SF Rebels at #EBCNorcal.

7th Grade (Class of 2022)

30 Teams: Current Standings

Pool A: CP3/GC Ballers, #3 Bobcats Red (Socal), #12 Vegas Elite (MW)

Pool B: TX Hardwork, NY Gauchos, #5 RMG Elite (Norcal)

Pool C: # 7 Demo Prep (PNW), Sacramento Yellow Jackets Black (Norcal), Atlanta Big 5

Pool D: #11 Real Run (Socal), FOH Blue (PNW), Team Fly (PNW)

Pool E: #22 West Coast All-Stars (Norcal), Sonics (PNW), Revup All-Stars (MW)

Pool F: Utah Hard Knox (MW), SD Seal Team (Socal), PEBA

Pool G: RC Bulls Black (Socal), Central WA Select (PNW), 1 Up

Pool H: #24 ARC (Socal), NW Panthers (PNW), Boise Flite Elite (PNW)

Pool I: #17 Team Dream Academy (Socal), Clackamas Cavs (PNW), #6 Sacramento Yellow Jackets (Norcal)

Pool J: Texas Select, Kent Elite (PNW), Team DTermined (Socal)

The teams from outside the West Coast are getting the best of the West Coast after Day 1. ARC, Team Dream Academy, RC Bulls Black, Demo Prep, Bobcats Red, Real Run and the West Coast All-Stars are the teams with the biggest chance to keep the championship on the West Coast. The two biggest match-ups on Saturday will be between the RC Bulls Black and NY Gauchos as well as TX Hardwork taking on Team Dream Academy.

8th Grade (Class of 2021)

36 Teams: Current Standings

Pool A: #3 West Coast All Stars (Norcal), Team Thrill, #7 Seattle Select (PNW), Team Dream Academy (Socal)

Pool B: TX Hardwork, #2 Vegas Elite (MW), #13 Ballers Select (Norcal), #5 Demo Prep (MW)

Pool C: LA Blue Chip (Socal), #24 Frogg All-Stars (Socal), Club Sports Academy, FOH (PNW)

Pool D: RC Bulls Black (Socal), Seattle Stars (PNW), Triple Threat Magic (Socal), Colorado Titans (MW)

Pool E: Matt Barnes Elite (Norcal), Alaska Rebels (PNW), Tucson Spartans (SW), All in 1

Pool F: Gamepoint Elite (Socal), #18 Compton Magic IE (Socal), #16 Billups Elite (MW), Lace Em UP

Pool G: Colorado Hawks (MW), Team Inland (Socal), #22 NW Panthers (PNW), Atlanta Big 5

Pool G: Team Arsenal (Norcal), 509 Insanity Flames (PNW), Kent Elite Red (PNW), Hawk Hoops (Socal)

Pool H: Team Walker Made, Club Utah Happy Valley (MW), Sheldon, Boise Flite Elite (PNW)

Vegas Elite and TX Hardwork will square off on Saturday to determine the #1 overall seed heading into bracket play. Demo Prep and Ballers Select will look to bounce back after 0-2 starts on Saturday. San Diego Gamepoint Elite is off to a strong start and are looking like the team we missed on the most in our initial 2017 rankings.

We will be on hand covering the 7th and 8th Grade action on Sunday and Monday.

@WCE25 (Twitter and Instagram) for updates on the #AdidasPrezDay


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