Final 2011-2012 WCE25 Rankings

Class of 2022 / 8u Final Rankings 2012 Winter/Spring Season / Culmination @ Cavs Summer Classic

Final 6/3/2012

Congrats to TriCity Ballers on winning the first ever West Coast Elite 25 Season Championship!!  More to come on the great event hosted by the Cavs Summer Classic.!

  1. TriCity Ballers (Won WEST COAST ELITE 25 Season Championship Tourney @ Cavs Classic & West Coast Swing / 2nd @ Edge Xmas, All City West & Mountaineer May) 
  2. Playmakers  (Won SGV Invitational, All City West/ 2nd Dominators)
  3. Jr. Hoops (Won Edge MLK, Edge Xmas, Mountaineer, Focus Valentines, 5 on Five, Dominators, Vegas Elite, Mountaineer May / 2nd SGV Invitational)
  4. IE Dominators (2nd @ Edge MLK, Mountaineer, ARC/SPKnights, 5 on Five, West Coast Elite 25 Season Championship )
  5. Oakland Rebels (2nd West Coast Swing)
  6. Cavs (Won AVAC Winter Tourney / 2nd @ Jam On It Reno)
  7. Team Dojo (Won ARC/SPKnights, 2nd @ AVAC winter tourney)
  8. 805 BB (Won Santa Barbara Classic)
  9.  Monrovia Mountaineers
  10.  SGV Blue (Won 5 on Five) 2nd @ Santa Barbara Classic)
  11. ARC (Won ARC Memorial Day @ San Diego)
  12. Fast Break (2nd @ Vegas Elite)
  13. The Squad (2nd @ ARC Memorial Day)
  14. Progression (Won Cavs 8u Silver)
  15. Bellators
  16. Team Discipline
  17. Mercadel
  18. 5 on Five
  19. Ventura Heat
  20. Vegas Elite
  21. SD Black Mambas
  22. Edge
  23. SGV Black
  24. Tarheels
  25. BluePrint

FINAL 9u/ Class of 2021 Elite 25 SEASON WINTER/SPRING RANKINGS (6/11)

'Till I Collapse - The Eminem Show

‘Till I Collapse – The Eminem Show

Congrats West Coast Elite #1 Inland Force 9u! 

  1. Inland Force (Won ACES Coca Cola, ARC/SPKnights Tourney, Dominators, EBO Showdown, Cavs Summer Classic/ 2nd West Coast Extravaganza & All City West)
  2. Vegas Elite (Won ACES MLK, Vegas Elite Invitational, Jr Hoops AAU/ 2nd Place BigFoot Hoops Vegas Easter Classic & Vegas Elite / Bibby Memorial Day 10u, & ACES Coca Cola)
  3. SGV Blue (Won Swoosh Feb, Swoosh March Classic, 5onFive / 2nd Place SGV, MLK, Swoosh Santa Barbara Classic 10u Division, Vegas Elite Invitational, AAU Districts)
  4. TriCity Ballers (Won West Coast Extravaganza, West Coast Swing, AAU Districts, Mountaineers May / 2nd @ Nike Portland Presidents Day Tourney)
  5. 916 Select (Won SGV Invitational, March Madness @ Rocklin, National Coast-to-Coast  @ Hayward / Elite 8 @ King James Shooting Stars Classic)
  6. The Wolfpack (Won Swoosh March Madness & All City West)
  7. Slam n Jam (Won Focus Valentine, 5 on Five, Swoosh Spring Showcase, Swoosh Spring Slam, Impact Memorial Day/ 2nd @ Swoosh March Madness)
  8. Roadrunners (Won Bay Area Spring Classic, 2nd @ West Coast Swing)
  9. Chris Johnson Basketball Academy (Won Jam On It Memorial Day)
  10. Utah Elite (2nd @ Jam On It Memorial Memorial)
  11. Irvine Lakers (Won Mountaineer, AAU @ Next Level March & NLSC May Madness / 2nd @ MLK Aces)
  12. Burbank Raptors (2nd @ Jr. Hoops AAU & Impact Memorial Day)
  13. Cavs (Won SGV Invitational Silver Division & Gold Cavs Summer Classic/ 2nd Dominators)
  14. NorCal Pharoahs
  15. Phoenix Sonz
  16. Oakland PAL
  17. Oakland Rebels (2nd Bay Area Classic & Bay Area Spring Classic)
  18. IE Scorpions (Won Swoosh May Fest, Swoosh Vegas Memorial Day)
  19. Team Dojo (Won AVAC Kyree Brown / 2nd Place ARC/SPKnights)
  20. Jr Hoops (Won Long Beach Gold / 2nd SGV Silver Invitational, 5 on Five, Cavs Summer Classic)
  21. Hawk Hoops (Won Liftoff June Jam)
  22. New Heights
  23. All City West
  24. MooreGameElite (Won RBYB)
  25. T25 Team Select (Won All Out Sports Tourney)
  26. T25 So Cal Pride (Won Southeast Warriors Cinco de Mayo)
FINAL 10u/ Class of 2020 Elite 25 SEASON WINTER/SPRING RANKINGS (6/11)
Congrats #1 Vegas Elite on a Successful Season!!!
    1. Vegas Elite (Won ACES Coca Cola Team Bibby March & Vegas Elite / 2nd Place MLK & Battle of the Bay)
    2. Inland Force (Won MLK Aces, ARC/SPKnights, All City West, EBO Showdown, Cavs Summer Classic / 2nd @ Aces Coca Cola)
    3. SF Rebels (Won West Coast Swing, SF Rebel Shoot-Out Feb, Oakland Rebels Easter, Fairfield Ballers Mother’s Day, Battle of teh Bay/ 2nd Place SGV & Team Bibby)
    4. Seattle Rotary Style (Won Las Vegas Grand Opening)
    5. 916 Select (Won SGV Invitational, Super Bowl Bash, National Coast-to-Coast @ Hayward, GBA / Top 16 @ King James Shooting Stars Classic)
    6. Spirit Got Game (Won Pacific AAU District Qualifier)
    7. SD Rebels (Won Focus Winter Tourney, 5 on Five/ 2nd Place MLK Aces & Las Vegas Grand Opening)
    8. Hayward Tar Heels (Won Team Select)
    9. MooreGameElite (Won March AAU @ Next Level, Swoosh March Classic, AAU Districts, Big City MAP May/ 2nd @ All City West)
    10. Utah Elite (Won Jam On It Reno)
    11.  So Cal Flames (Won MLK Aces gold, 03 Elite, SoCal Flames Spring Classic)
    12. Hype (Won Xmas Swoosh, Swoosh Feb, Swoosh Spring Fling, SoCal Spring Championships @ Mater Dei)
    13. Big City Sports (Won IE Explosion, Big City OC Collision CourseFeb, Big Shoot it or Lose It, Clash of the Champions / 2nd @ Vegas Elite)
    14. Tricity Youth  (Won ABA Tourney / 2nd Place Nike Presidents Tourney, West Coast Swing, AAU Districts)
    15. Slam n Jam (Won Swoosh March Madness, Swoosh Spring Showcase, Impact/ 2nd @ 5 on Five)
    16. Sacramento Yellow Jackets (2nd @ Jam On IT Reno
    17. Flight Elite Black (2nd BigFoot Hoops Vegas Easter Classic)
    18. Eastbay Celtics (Won Bay Area Spring Classic)
    19. Burbank Raptors (2nd @ Jr Hoops AAU Invitational)
    20. Oakland Rebels (2nd @ Bay Area Spring Classic)
    21. AZ Team Powerhouse (Won AZ Cinco de Mayo)
    22. Dream Quest Outlawz (Won AZ Southwest Showcase May)
    23. MB Spartans (2nd Place March AAU Next Level)
    24. Phoenix Flight (2nd @ AZ Cinco de Mayo)
    25. T25 CTS (2nd @ Impact Memorial Day)
    26. T25 CAVS (2nd @ Cavs Summer Classic)
11u Final Winter/Spring Season Rankings 6/11
  1.  Ambition - NearnessAmbition – Nearness
      1. AZ Monsoon (Won SGV Invitational & ACES Coca Colas/ Elite 8 @ King James Shooting Stars Classic)
      2. Team Bibby (Won MLK @ Aces, Team Bibby March, & Big Foot Hoops Vegas, Vegas Elite, Vegas Elite & Bibby Memorial Day/2nd Place SGV Invitational & ACES Coca Cola)
      3. Tricity Ballers (D2 National Champs, Won ABA Tourney & AAU Districts, Swoosh Vegas Memorial Day / 2nd Place Nike Presidents Day Tourney)
      4. Vegas Elite (Won Dec Cavs Tourney, Nike Portland Presidents Day Tourney/ 2nd @ Las Vegas Grand Opening & Vegas Elite Invitational)
      5. SF Rebels (Won Oakland Rebels Easter, SF Shootout, Fairfield Ballers Mother’s Day, Battle of the Bay)
      6. Rising Stars (Won Swoosh, SGV Swoosh, Old School Showdown @ Next Level Feb,  West Coast Extravaganza/ 2nd at ACES MLK, Team Bibby, Vegas Elite/Bibby Memorial Day 12u Silver)
      7. Riverside Matrix (Won Mountaineer Tourney, AZCA Challenge, SoCal Flames, EBO Showdown, Vegas Elite & Bibby Memorial Day  / 2nd @ Jr Hoops AAU Invitational )
      8. Utah Pump -N-Run (Won Vegas Grand Opening/ D2 2012 AAU Nationals Participant @ Cocoa Beach)
      9. Yellow Jackets Black (Won West Coast Swing, Pacific AAU Qualifier/ 2nd Place Roadrunner NorCal Tip-Off & Jam On It Reno)
      10. SGV Blue (Won Long Beach Gold & South Coast Spring Championships / D2 2011 AAU Nationals Participant  /D2 2012 AAU Nationals Participant @ Cocoa Beach)
      11. Jr Hoops (D3 National Champ 2011/ Won AVAC Winter, 5 on Five, CavsImpact, All City West, JR Hoops AAU Invitational/ 2nd Impact & Cavs Summer Classic/ D2 2012 AAU Nationals Participant @ Cocoa Beach)
      12. Kings Academy (Won Swoosh March @ UCSB & ARC/SPKnights March / 2nd @ All City West)
      13. Hayward Tar Heels (Won Oakland Soldiers Ballers League, Roadrunner NorCal Tip-Off, Pacific AAU District/ 2nd @ Big Foot Hoops Vegas / D2 2012 AAU Nationals Participant @ Cocoa Beach)
      14. Inland Force (Won Cavs Summer Classic2nd @ West Coast Extravaganza)
      15. Fastbreak Sports ( Won NLSC May Madness / 2nd @ AAU Districts)
      16. Flight Elite Black (2nd @ Bay Area Spring Classic)
      17. RC Bulls Elite (Won Big City Shoot it or Lose It March, Swoosh March Classic @ UCSB, Corona Lakers, Swoosh Spring Fling, Palm Springs Bonanza/ 2nd @ ABA Tourney)
      18. Roadrunners Sports Club Gold (Won Bay Area Spring Classic / 2nd @ Pacific AAU Qualifier & Battle of the Bay & Bay Area Memorial Day Classic)
      19. MPyre (Won Jam on It Reno)
      20. Las Vegas Rebel Nation (Won Big City OC Collision Course March)
      21. Burbank Raptors (Won Middle School Madness March/2nd Place Cavs Tourney Dec)
      22. AVAC Hoyas (Won Dominator & GBA / 2nd Place AVAC & Mountaineer, ARC/SPKnights, AVAC Memorial)
      23. Chandler Sting (Won AZ Southwest Showcase, AZ SW Showcase Summer Championship / 2nd Place SGV Gold)
      24. CAVS
      25. Moreno Valley Tar Heels (2nd Five on 5)

12u Elite 25 Final Season Rankings

Congratulations Dream Vision 12u!  Final #1 Season Ranking!

Ambition - NearnessAmbition – Nearness

  1. Dream Vision 2018 Blue (Won Edge Summer Showcase, ABA Tourney, Las Vegas Grand Opening BigFoot Hoops, EBO Showdown, Adidas Magic Memorial Day Classic)
  2. 916 Select (Won ACES Coca Cola, SGV Invitational, March Madness @ Rocklin, National Coast-to-Coast @ Hayward, GBA / Final 4 @ King James Shooting Stars Classic / 2nd @ Pacific District AAU)
  3. Oakland Soldiers (Won West Coast Extravaganza, Bay Area Spring Classic, Battle of the Bay, Bay Area Memorial Day Classic)
  4. Rising Stars (Won Swoosh Feb, SGV Swoosh 13u Open, Team Bibby March, Jr Hoops AAU Invitational / 2nd @ Vegas Memorial Day Classic)
  5. SPKnights (Won Mountaineer, Impact Tourney, ARC/SPKNights, SoCal Flames Spring Classic, AVAC Memorial, ARC Memorial Day, 5 on Five June/ 2nd Place Edge MLK, SGV Elite Feb, AAU @ Next Level March, GBA, Edge Summer Showcase)
  6. Flight Elite Black (Won ACES MLK, Nike Portland Presidents Day, BigFoot Hoops Vegas Easter Classic, Bay Area Spring Classic 13u)
  7. Newport Lightning (Won South Coast OC Slam & Swoosh March Madness, Focus March Invitational, “The Big One” @ Mater Dei, Swoosh Spring Jam, Swoosh Vegas Memorial Day/ 2nd Place ACES MLK, Swoosh Feb)
  8. SF Rebels (Won West Coast Swing, SF Shootout March, Oakland Rebels Easter, Fairfield Ballers Mother’s Day Classic)
  9. AZ Team Powerhouse (Won SW Showcase Jan, AZ Hoop Stars 14u, W Showcase Summer Championship/ 2nd @ AZ Spring SW Showcase, Monte Buckley Showdown, Ss / Top 32 King James Shooting Stars Classic )
  10. LA Bobcats (Won AAU @ Next Level March, WCS Easter Shoot-Out, All City West, Palm Springs Bonanza/ 2nd Focus March Invitational & Battle of the Bay Memorial Day Classic)
  11. Inland Force (Won AAU Districts / 2nd West Coast Extravaganza, BigFoot Hoops Vegas Easter Classic)
  12. Tri-City (2nd AAU Districts)
  13. AZ Eagles (Won AZ Excel League, AZ Hoop Stars, & AZ Eagles)
  14. Yellow-Jackets
  15. X-Factor Utah
  16. Long Beach Gold (Won Long Beach Gold / 2nd Jr Hoops AAU Invitational)
  17. Hoopmasters (Won Swoosh Santa Barbara Classic & Swoosh Spring Fling May / 2nd 5 on Five & 5 on Five Summer
  18. AZ Monsoon (Won Cinco De Mayo / 2nd @ SW Showcase Summer Championships)
  19. SD Rebels (Won 5 on Five/ 2nd @ Las Vegas Grand Opening)
  20. Roadrunners (Won Pacific AAU Qualifier / 2nd @ Bay Area Spring Classic)
  21. Las Vegas Rebel Nation (Won Vegas Elite)
  22. 1 Team 1 Dream (Won Pacific AAU District)
  23. Vegas Elite (2nd Place @ Team Bibby & Vegas Invitational)
  24. TBF (AAU D2 National Participant 2011/Won Big City March & Vegas Elite Memorial Day / 2nd @ Impact)
  25. T25 Team Bibby Red (Won AZ Southwest Showcase / 2nd @ Cinco de Mayo
  26. T25 All City West (Won Cavs Summer Classic)
13u Elite 25 Final Season Rankings
Final 13u Elite 25 Rankings
  1. California Basketball Club  formerly Cali Style (D1 AAU National Champion / WCE25 Season Champion )
  2. West Coast Select (D1 AAU Nationals Runner Up / Won Memorial Day Vegas )
  3. Dream Vision 2017 (Won ABA Tourney, Swoosh March Classic (14u), Las Vegas Grand Opening BigFoot Hoops, EBO Showdown, Adidas Magic Memorial Day, / 2nd @ Nike Invitational Portland)
  4. Oakland Soldiers (Won Team Select Tourney, Bay Area Spring Classic 14u, Bay Area Memorial Day, Nike Rose City Championship @ Portland / 2nd @ Battle in the Bay)
  5. Vegas Elite (Won ACES Coca Cola & 14u WCBA Vegas / 2nd Place @ Team Bibby)
  6. California Heat (Won All City West & Cavs Summer Classic / 2nd WCBA 14u WCBA)
  7. Cavs (Won SGV Invitational Elite, ARC/SPKnights Palm Springs, CavsImpact, BigFoot Hoops Easter Vegas, Jr Hoops AAU Invitational / 2nd All City West, Cavs Summer Classic, Summer Sizzle)
  8. Team Bibby Red (Won Team Bibby Tourney, SW Showcase Summer Championships, Vegas Invitational/ 2nd BigFoot Hoops Easter Vegas)
  9. X-Factor (Utah)
  10. SW Select (2nd @ Aces Coca Cola)
  11. MVP Flight/Flight Elite (Won Nike Portland Presidents Day, West Coast Swing 14u/ 2nd Place ACES MLK & Bay Area Spring Classic)
  12. SF Rebels (Won West Coast Swing, Oakland Rebels Easter, Fairfield Ballers Mother’s Day/ 2nd Place SGV Invitational & SF Rebel Rumble 14u)
  13. Desert Reign Las Vegas (Won WCBA Vegas, AZ Team Powerhouse Summer Sizzle /2nd @ Las Vegas Grand Opening, Vegas Elite, & Memorial Day Vegas)
  14. SD Top Gun Elite Black(Won Long Beach Gold & ARC Memorial Day / 2nd SD Invitational 14u Top Gun/O3 Elite)
  15. AZ Team Powerhouse (D2 AAU National Participant / 2nd @ Southwest Showcase, AZ Eagles Invitational, All City West Invitational)
  16. All City West (Won Jam On It Reno & All City West Invitational June)
  17. Sacramento Yellow Jackets (2nd West Coast Swing)
  18. Jam (Won D3 AAU West Natl Champs, Big City Shoot it Or Lose It March & Ventura Seaside, AAU Districts / 2nd Long Beach Gold, AAU District Qualifier, Bay Area Memorial Day)
  19. Oakland Pal
  20. Baseline 2 Baseline (Won March AAU @ Next Level & AVAC Memorial / 2nd @ SE Warriors Cinco de Mayo)
  21. Yorba Linda Pumas (Won The Big One at Mater Dei & AAU District Qualifier)
  22. AZ Gilbert Crusaders (Won Ball All Day 14u)
  23. Newport Lightning (Won Focus March Invitational & Swoosh Vegas Memorial Day / 2nd @ Swoosh March Madness)
  24. Open Gym Elite/formerly Surf City (Won Swoosh March Madness, Swoosh Spring Jam / 2nd Place March AAU @ Next Level, AAU Districts)
  25. T25 SCV Playmakers (Won Burbank Hoopfest & Summer of LA Liftoff)
  26. T25 AZ Magic (Won June Jumpoff)

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